Video For Indivisible Launches Razmi’s Challenges DLC on Xbox One

Indivisible Launches Razmi’s Challenges DLC on Xbox One

Razmi’s been hard at work inside Ajna’s brain! She’s crafted a series of fiendishly clever challenges that will require Ajna’s unique skills to complete. It’s Indivisible‘s first official DLC and it’s available today!

Razmi’s Challenges include 40 specially crafted levels, each one designed to be more difficult from the last. Solve platforming puzzles and defeat powerful foes in combat using only a limited number of Ajna’s abilities in each challenge.

Razmi Challenges

Perfect your technique, and learn some new ones, as you navigate each cunning construct. You’ll need to combine the skills you know in new ways to succeed. And if you don’t succeed? Razmi will be very pleased with her handiwork.

Razmi’s Challenges’ levels will unlock as you progress through the game. As you learn new abilities, new challenges will unlock. Already deep into the game? Every challenge will be available when you load a recent save. Just head to the Inner Realm and talk to Razmi to get started. 

Razmi Challenges

Replay each challenge at any time, as often as you like. Your best completion time is displayed when you finish. Challenge yourself to complete each challenge faster the next time through, or share your time with friends to see who is the quickest!

We are excited to share Razmi’s Challenges with you almost as much as Razmi is excited to see Ajna fail trying to complete them!

Razmi Challenges

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Razmi got bored in Ajna's inner realm and constructed a series of devilish challenges to humiliate her best fiend with! These challenges require a combination of Ajna's skills that will push her to the very limit, and test her ability to work together with her companions against insurmountable odds in battle. There's a prize at the end of it! Well, Razmi says there is, anyway…