Top Tips for Huntdown, the Action Comedy Arcade Shooter Launching Today on Xbox One

Hi everyone,

Today is a huge day for us as it marks the launch of Huntdown, our 16-bit baby on the Microsoft Store. If you haven’t heard much about the game yet, it’s an action comedy arcade shooter, inspired by action movies of the ’80s and the arcade games we grew up with. We designed Huntdown by hand like an old school arcade game, but took our favorite features and recreated them for today’s audience. 

You play as three antihero bounty hunters tasked with cleansing a dystopian city of criminal gangs and their bosses. Before you dive in, we wanted to share some tips and tricks that should prove useful to any novice bounty hunter looking to make a killing.


Timing is Key 

You can’t always throw yourself into dangerous situations in Huntdown. Sometimes you need a tactical approach, and timing is super important. Sliding into cover at a critical moment can mean the difference between life and death. Leap from cover to cover to avoid taking a hit, slide behind a crate, kill an enemy, take their weapon and repeat. 

You can also dash to avoid bullets and jump between platforms to avoid enemy fire. If a particularly stabby foe gets too close, kick them away by pressing X, and finish them off with a shotgun blast before advancing to your next target.

Choose the Right Tools for the Job 

In Huntdown you can confiscate a plethora of weapons including laser weapons, katanas, grenades and more but selecting the right tool from your arsenal can make all the difference. Shotguns make short work of armour at close range, but machine guns are great for crowd control.

Our three Bounty Hunters each have their own primary gun with infinite ammo, as well as throwing weapons, both with a cooldown period. Anna Conda’s primary gun fires in bursts, John Sawyer’s hits hard but there’s a slightly longer delay between every shot, and with Mow Man you can spam the trigger button to fire faster. Learn the strengths of your character’s primary weapons and use them as much as possible.


Ammo on weapons you pick up in the levels is limited in Huntdown. If you find an awesome weapon, you can swap back to your primary weapon if you want to save ammo until a harder fight ahead. You can also pick up powerful grenades that will replace your throwing weapon, but they can be dropped and re-equipped at any time.

Learning how the defaults differ and when to switch back to your less powerful weapons to conserve ammo is something that separates good bounty hunters from the rest.

Know Your Enemy 

In the game we have a huge variety of gangs to wipe out, from violent feral punks to a murderous rockabilly motorcycle club who take inspiration from the Centurions of ancient Rome.

Study the patterns of enemies to bring them to swift justice. Our gang bosses are a huge test of skill and reflexes but can be put down by learning their attack patterns. 


You also get full health when you reach a boss or checkpoint.

Search Every Inch of the City 

Scour every part of the level to make sure nobody escapes justice. At the end of each level you receive a total number of enemies you eliminated, and how many remain.

There are secrets hidden behind certain walls and in some objects that need explosives to get to. Look for explosive barrels that can devastate objects and enemies when exploded. Sometimes entire waves of enemies can be hidden away and then you complete a level to find you’ve missed 10 out of a possible 40 targets, reducing your bounty and leaving crimes unpunished.

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Crime doesn’t pay – Unless you’re a bounty hunter! In the mayhem-filled streets of the future where criminal gangs rule and cops fear to tread, only the bounty hunters can free the city from the corrupt fist of felony. Lay waste to the criminal underworld and make a killing in this hard boiled action comedy arcade shooter. Key Features: Hunt solo or give suppressive fire and advance on the enemy together in co-op as you run, jump, and take cover in the neon soaked, graffiti strewn 80s inspired cityscapes. Hand painted 16-bit pixel art graphics and hand-drawn animations combined with fluid action-packed 60-FPS gameplay and an epic synthesized soundtrack. Huntdown everything from feral punks to organised hockey hooligans, this game is riddled with 16-bit bad guys and crime bosses, each with their own stomping ground to reclaim, and arsenal of weapons to confiscate.