Crusader Kings III

Crusader Kings III Rides to Glory on September 1

Today, we’re very happy to announce that we have set a release date for Crusader Kings III. The sequel to one of our most beloved grand strategy games will be available on September 1 with Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta).

In CK3, you guide a royal dynasty through centuries of war, romance and intrigue, always staying a step ahead of enemies, rivals and troublesome relatives. There are thousands of possible starting points for you, from lowly German counts to mighty African kings, and no two games will ever play out the same.

In the seven months since we’ve announced Crusader Kings III, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about the many changes we have made to the game. New 3D portraits and improved character DNA will bring your family to life in ways you’ve never seen before. The map is more detailed and easily understood. Our integrated tooltips and information tabs promise an experience that is more approachable to a wider range of history fans. We’ve also tried to heighten player immersion in a living medieval world..

But we haven’t lost sight of the core experience of Crusader Kings – this is a historical sandbox where you get to write unique stories that will entertain and maybe even light a creative spark. With many new character interactions and game concepts, you will see an infinite number of dramatic lives play out before you as you try to maintain your family’s grip on power.

We are very excited to announce the end date of our royal pilgrimage and look forward to sharing more with you in coming months. Crusader Kings III will be available September 1 with Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta).