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Xbox Insiders are invited to join Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead today!

Have you always wanted to participate in the Alpha or Alpha Skip-Ahead rings? Well, now’s your chance! We use a carefully curated formula to decide when to open enrollment and to which users. But our most important criterion is that you want to participate!

What do Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead offer?

In a previous post we explained why these rings are important for the Xbox Insider Program. Our Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead rings receive preview builds of future system updates. Team Xbox examines those features and experiences closely to see how they perform. Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead users provide critical feedback we know we can trust. And we’re relying on you to help us make Xbox great!

What’s the difference between each ring?

  • Alpha Skip-Ahead – An “invite only” ring that receives preview builds of a future Xbox One OS release.
    • “Future” release means these builds may not be released to GA for some time. As such, they may contain different features than other rings.
  • Alpha – An “invite-only” ring that receives preview builds of the next upcoming Xbox One OS release.
    • This means this is a preview version of the build that will be delivered to the general audience (GA) next.
    • Alpha receives a preview release of the next upcoming build before any other ring.

What do I have to do to get in?

You have the chance to be part of Alpha or Alpha Skip-Ahead no matter what Xbox Insider Update Preview ring you’re currently in! We have published a survey in the Xbox Insider Hub titled “Joining new rings.” Please complete this survey if you’re interested in joining either ring. Not everyone will be invited, but your participation lets us know you’re interested.

Are you already in Alpha or Alpha Skip-Ahead but want to switch? Let us know in the survey! 

Once you have finished the survey continue playing games, reporting problems, and completing our quests and surveys. We’ll take it from here.

How will I know if I’ve been invited?

We will send out an Xbox Live message letting you know enrollment is open. You can manage your enrollment in the Xbox Insider Hub.