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Xbox (Beta) App: Performance Updates and Mods

We have a great update to the Xbox (Beta) app on Windows 10, and I’m here to walk you through what’s happening! Some enhancements you won’t be able to see, but will totally notice, and some changes you’ll see and also notice. Updates are funny that way. Let’s jump in.

Let’s start with your feedback! Thank you for all your suggestions, comments, and reports to help us make the experience better for PC gaming. We’ve heard your feedback on download speeds, memory usage, and general app performance, and we’re excited to announce with this update, we’ve implemented some improvements to address this. Not to get too deep into the weeds, but we have rebuilt the Xbox (Beta) app from Electron to React Native, which streamlined the app experience. The app’s design will stay the same, and it will be even easier to download and play your games.

You’ll also notice a significant decrease in memory usage – we are using roughly a third of the memory we had prior to this update. Depending on your region, you should also be seeing improvements in game download speeds already; but we are still early in this journey and will continue to make further improvements.

Next up is mods. We have heard you: You want an easier way to mod your games while using the Xbox (Beta) app. We are excited to share some of the first steps we are taking to improve the mod experience.  The Xbox (Beta) app now has an easy way for you to enable mods for select games where the game developer has chosen to enable them.

This bring-your-own-mod environment allows you to look at mods from different mod distribution sites, download the files that are of interest to you, and enable them on the Xbox (Beta) app.

For those of you interested in modding games in Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta), here are some games that will support mods as of today:

  • DiRT Rally 2.0
  • Farming Simulator 17
  • FTL: Faster Than Light
  • Into the Breach
  • MudRunner

Before you enable mods with any of your games though, we strongly encourage you to read through the FAQ.

We’re excited to get the ball rolling with these games and will work with our partners to add more over time!

So now is the time to run your updates!

Again, thank you to everyone providing feedback; having heard from you on both the app experience and mods, we’re excited to be making these updates available. And please, keep sharing! We are still listening and want to know what you like, and what can make this a better gaming experience for you. Keep sending us your feedback with the feedback hub or send us a tweet at @XboxGamePassPC.

Also, here’s my reminder – if you’re interested in checking all this out and you haven’t tried Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta) yet, you can get your first month for $1 and try out some games for yourself. Gears Tactics, Age of Empires 2 DE, Outer Worlds all playable now, and Minecraft Dungeons, Flight Simulator coming soon! Cheers!

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