Knight Squad 2

Chainsawesome Games Cranks up the Multiplayer Chaos in Knight Squad 2

Six years ago, in June 2014, we were proud to announce our humble little multiplayer game Knight Squad for Xbox One. We had a rudimentary gameplay trailer published on the official Xbox channel and it was a big deal for us. Back then, our studio was only three people and we were just starting out.

When we released Knight Squad in November 2015, we were blown away by the reception from the Xbox community. People embraced our epic party game and sent us so much love. We knew our young studio had just made a hit. Nowadays, thousands of people are still playing Knight Squad every day.

Well, we have great news for these folks and for everyone who enjoys a good party game with friends online or offline, we’re making Knight Squad 2… and it’s coming out this year on Xbox One!

Knight Squad 2

We have a lot in store for the sequel. Our studio is more experienced and we have listened to all the great feedback we received from the community over the years.

We’re honoring the formula of the first game, Knight Squad 2 is still a chaotic 8-player multiplayer game with a ridiculous amount of game types. Only this time, it has even more modes. For now, we can confirm two new ones for teams: Payload and Minion Attack. In the former, the teams fight over the control of a cart that needs to be pushed to the end of its track. In the latter, the teams gather minions by eliminating enemies and unleash them on their rivals’ bases. As always, we take inspiration from modes players are used to seeing but given them our own medieval twist.

To put a cherry on top, we’re adding a lot of ways for players to customize their matches. Most of the game modes can now be played in Free for all, Duos, or 4v4 and you can choose which power-ups are active and which are the default for everyone. If all of that chaos isn’t enough for you, you can add gameplay modifiers such as slippery floors and explosive bodies into the mix.

Knight Squad 2

We highly suggest trying “Homing missiles and unicorns for everyone with slippery floors.”

We can’t wait to finish this game and put it in the hands of the Xbox community like we did with the original Knight Squad ages ago and we hope you will have a blast with it.

If you have any questions about the game, the content we have planned, or if you want all the news behind its development, we invite you to join the community and development team on Discord, on Twitter, and Facebook.

We’ll have a beta test for Knight Squad 2 in the next months, and we hope to have you with us.