Path of Exile: Harvest

Path of Exile: Harvest Available Now on Xbox One

When you think of an action RPG, usually you think of dark gritty gameplay, demons, monsters, visceral skills and powerful items. With Path of Exile: Harvest, we’ve brought a slightly unexpected twist to Path of Exile‘s core gameplay while leaning heavily into what makes action RPGs great – the items! But don’t worry – darkness, gritty gameplay, monsters, and visceral skills are still very much in play.

Path of Exile: Harvest

This expansion introduces Oshabi, an Azmeri mystic who encourages you to explore the mysterious power of the Sacred Grove and the secrets it contains. As its name suggests, Harvest is about planting seeds, growing crops and reaping the benefits. However, true to Path of Exile’s core themes, instead of Harvesting plants, your seeds grow into dangerous monsters that must be slain in order to extract their Lifeforce.

This Lifeforce can be used as a powerful crafting resource, allowing you to take advantage of over 200 potential new crafting options. Any Lifeforce that remains after each crafting session can be stored in order to fertilise exotic crops which produce even more tantalising crafting outcomes.

Path of Exile: Harvest

While crafting is already a core part of Path of Exile‘s item progression, we wanted to explore the idea of bringing powerful crafting options to both leveling and end-game players alike. This crafting system is designed to be more accessible than any previous system we’ve introduced. We’ve done this by providing truly rewarding outcomes that can be accessed even with relatively minimal work in your Sacred Grove.

The overall design of Harvest aims to provide players with absolute control over which crafting options they produce while giving them the means to limit the difficulty of the monsters they face. You’re encouraged to push your build to the furthest extent to maximise your yield from the Grove but you can still take part in many of the benefits the garden provides if you’d prefer to play at a more relaxed pace.

Path of Exile: Harvest

We are really excited about Harvest! It’s something a bit different to what we would normally create but still brings a lot of true Path of Exile elements into play. These powerful crafting options may not linger long, so be sure to reap a bountiful harvest today!

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