Prepare to Hack into Xbox Series X with Recompile

Today, I’m super excited to announce that Recompile, our 3D metroidvania-inspired hacking adventure game will be coming to Xbox Series X! You can watch our brand-new trailer above, featuring the song “Jupiter” by the amazing Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Aoife O’Donovan.

Recompile takes place within the sprawling digital world of The Mainframe. Combining traditional metroidvania mechanics with a unique dynamic narrative system, the game challenges you to explore, fight, hack and survive.


You’ll play as a sentient virus, trying to escape deletion in an effort to achieve sapience and ultimately create the first technological singularity. The future of humanity depends on it, but how you get there will be entirely up to you.

The game really empowers you to play your own way. Will you be violent and destroy everything on your journey to accomplish your objectives? Or will you use your hacking abilities to bypass obstacles? Your choices matter: Recompile’s environment, narrative and AI all adapt to your play style. But no matter how you decide to act, be ready to face the consequences of your actions.

Let’s go through a few things you can do in the game.


There are a variety of ways to fight in Recompile. Use your trusty deletion rifle to shoot enemies and defend yourself from security systems. As your progress through the levels, you’ll be able to upgrade to a more powerful ordnance. Alternatively, you can also use your special traversal abilities such as crash landings and dash attacks to deal damage to your opponents.



Everything in Recompile is hackable, from the environment to the enemies and more. Hack a security program to turn them into an ally and helpful companion in a pinch. Hack objects around you to move them and use them how you see fit: as solutions to puzzles or even to stack them to block against enemy fire.



Exploration is rewarded in Recompile. Use an array of special abilities at your disposal to strengthen your traversal skills and go further, higher and faster. The Mainframe sprawls both horizontally and vertically, spatial awareness is key to unlocking the secrets behind this computerized world.



Recompile is a game about creating the first self-aware Artificial Intelligence. That is the awakening. But intelligence exists in many forms. Aggressive, chaotic, orderly, conserving – which one will you end up with? Recompile is therefore also a game about choices. In this dying world, one must explore all possibilities. Observe and respect all perspectives. Only then, can we truly survive.


That’s it for now! The team and I are very excited to reveal more about Recompile soon. Stay tuned for further info and mysteries to uncover as we get closer to launch.