Dauntless Clear Skies Update: 5 Things You Need To Know

Clear Skies, Slayer!

Today we’re launching the Clear Skies update for Dauntless on Xbox One, which includes a fully reimagined city of Ramsgate, along with plenty of other new additions. We put together a list of five things you should check out when the patch goes live today so you’re prepared the next time you travel to the Shattered Isles.


1. Ramsgate Reimagined

For the first time ever, we completely redesigned our hub city of Ramsgate. The city is both bigger and easier to navigate, thanks to aether jets spread across the map. We created a number of new structures for our Ramsgate denizens, including an expansive bazaar and a smithy for Moyra and Wils to tend to your weapon and armour needs. You’ll also notice distinct soundscapes depending on what area you’re in or who you’re talking to. On top of that, we wanted to find new ways for you to interact with Ramsgate and learn some history of the Shattered Isles. Taking a look around, you’ll find a variety of lore to collect in your journal and vistas that give you sweeping views of the city. You can even challenge your friends to a race around Ramsgate! There’s plenty to see and do.

2. Fully Redesigned Sword

The sword was the first weapon we ever made in Dauntless. While it has served as a reliable weapon for new and veteran Slayers for years, we thought it was the right time to revisit our initial design and see how we could add layers of complexity while still making it intuitive from a combat perspective. You now have access to new combos as well as the Valour system, which allows you to execute powerful moves using Valour ou build by performing combos. In addition to short-range attacks, the sword can now perform AoE and ranged attacks!


3. Umbral Escalation Updates

Last month we introduced a new Escalation, our latest hunt type that challenges you with back-to-back Behemoth battles. On top of that, these battles include randomized modifiers and Behemoth encounters, giving you a fresh challenge each time you jump in. Umbral Escalation, which launched in June, is getting a number of new amps — special buffs that carry through your entire Escalation run — as well as new hunt modifiers to keep you on your toes. Reach Escalation level 40 or higher to take on our newest Behemoth, the void beast Thrax!

4. Clear Skies Hunt Pass

Ramsgate is safe … for now. The Clear Skies Hunt Pass celebrates Ramsgate’s triumph over destruction. With the city rebuilt, intrepid Slayers now seek out adventure in a new corner of the Shattered Isles. Earn your way through 50 levels of rewards, including The Hunger exotic sword and new Wayfinder ultra armour.


5. Emerald Steel Pack for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscribers

The exclusive Emerald Steel weapon skin pack is now available for all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers! This pack includes the seven weapon skins pictured above, as well as a number of supplies to take on your hunt. The Lifespring and Ironhide Pylons will definitely come in handy in an Umbral Escalation hunt.

We hope you enjoy the Clear Skies update! If you have any feedback on Dauntless, you can always find us on Twitter.

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