Tap into the Void with Levelhead’s Free Mega Update


  • A new mega update for Levelhead celebrates 75,000 player-made levels
  • Harness all new demonic powers
  • Fend off talkative demons

To properly celebrate the 75,000th level created by the Levelhead community, The Bureau of Shipping is bringing home the space-bacon this next quarter by finding a new void in the market. We’ve had teams of expert unpaid interns working ’round the clock to find and exploit those voids, and today I’m happy to announce that our efforts have finally paid off.

In fact, not only did we find a void, we found The Void! Let’s take a look at some of the new Void-Enabled technologies now available in Levelhead.

The Shade


Exposing GR-18 to Void Energy has proven most profitable – GR-18 can now create a Rune of Teleportation, which it can use to reappear at any location within throwing distance. Harnessing Void Energy did have the unfortunate side effect of causing GR-18 to go blind and grow some horns, but the little robo seems to be getting by without too much trouble. Just look at him go! But don’t you dare look under that mask.



Since opening the Void Rift, we’ve spent a lot of time dodging Void Demons that absolutely will not stop talking about their esoteric hobbies and interests. And since The Void has very different concepts of space-time, these Jibberjabbers have big issues with personal space — they’re real close-talkers. This is especially problematic since their mouths are full of razor-sharp teeth.

Once a Jibberjabber begins trying to engage you in conversation, there are very few ways to escape, other than to continuously dodge it, or to boop it on the head to send it back to the Void.

And a whole lot more!

More enemies, items, decor, and even more level-building tools are now available for you to make the level of your dreams. Check out all the updates inside the Levelhead workshop, and get to building!

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Butterscotch Shenanigans

EMPLOYEEEEEE! The Bureau of Shipping is the galaxy's premiere package delivery corporation. For hundreds of years our customers have trusted us to deliver their goods, real good. And now you get to be part of that delivery magic. As a new Employee to the Levelhead Division, you are responsible for training your very own GR-18 delivery robot for every possible delivery scenario. Create L.E.V.E.L.s, or "Limited Exercises for eValuating employEe Limitations", with the intuitive Level editor in the Workshop, then publish them for the whole world to experience. Build incredible contraptions and machines, craft adventurous expeditions that require brain and brawn to complete, or just create a relaxing music scene for other Levelheads to chill with. Once you've completed your Level, share it with the rest of the world… and gain a following! The Levelhead Division comes equipped with powerful curation and Following systems, so you'll always be able to find the best new Levels created by your colleagues. And don't forget about the Training course! More than 90 hand-crafted Levels offer a wealth of challenges and surprises to jumpstart your creativity. What are you waiting for, Employee? Get out there and do good for our goods!