Video For Bus Simulator 21 Coming to the Xbox Family in 2021

Bus Simulator 21 Coming to the Xbox Family in 2021

Hey everyone!

Today I’m extremely thrilled to reveal the newest addition to the popular Bus Simulator franchise: Bus Simulator 21. Discover new officially licensed bus brands, fresh features as well as a brand-new open world set in the United States! Get ready for the richest game of the series to date with numerous officially licensed buses by world-famous brands such as Alexander Dennis. More brands and buses will be revealed at a later point in time. The most modern vehicle fleet awaits you featuring the introduction of a double decker and electric buses for the very first time.

Bus Simulator 21

Discover Angel Shores, inspired by the sunny San Francisco Bay Area, and drive the American Dream in this fresh setting. Explore the industrial district, the peripheral areas, downtown or Chinatown in an even larger open world, and live your best life as a bus driver. In case you are feeling homesick, you can still revisit Seaside Valley from the current Bus Simulator containing also the new districts provided with the Official Map Extension.

Bus Simulator 21

Create and evaluate your own route network in the cooperative multiplayer and build up your transport empire together with your friends. Experience even more freedom with the game’s refined management systems, numerous new and expanded features, and the option of setting up detailed timetables for your own bus fleet for the first time ever. If you do not feel like taking care of your company’s micromanagement and prefer to only drive, just like a true bus enthusiast, you can have the reliable AI handle all the planning tasks.

Bus Simulator 21

With Bus Simulator 21 you can look forward to the fullest bus driving experience we have ever built. We are eagerly awaiting the release in 2021 to embrace you on the streets of Angel Shores. For more information, please visit our official website: