Meet the Battletoads! Creative Team Spill Story Secrets in a Narrative Deep Dive


  • New developer diary video reveals how the story of Battletoads was crafted for a new era.
  • Find out more about the game’s green-skinned heroes and the actors who bring them to life.
  • Look forward to the first brand new Battletoads game in 26 years, launching on August 20!

The clock is ticking down, the engines of turbo bikes are being revved around the world… it can only mean Battletoads is almost here! After uncovering the tale behind their comeback at Dlala Studios, today we turn our attention to the ’Toads themselves, the story that drives their latest adventure, and what it means to craft a game that’s also an irreverent cartoon comedy.

The Story So Far

So who – or what – are the Battletoads? Zitz, Rash and Pimple are outer-space amphibians who are (depending on your point of view) either chaotic mercenaries for hire or famous heroes fighting to defend the galaxy. Historically, the targets of their aggression have been the forces of the Dark Queen – a self-styled empress with dreams of galactic conquest and a bad habit of hurling insults as she orders her animal armies into battle.

Almost three decades on from the Battletoads’ debut outing, new developers Dlala were determined to expand on the series’ traditional irreverence by packing in a full-fledged narrative and plenty of character-driven humor. So let’s introduce the award-winning writers and let them explain how they dragged three ’Toads kicking and screaming into the era of modern animation…

Meet the Talent

Having decided that the Battletoads would grapple with not only hulking alien thugs but their own egos during their latest adventure, the next step was casting voice actors able to portray flawed, likeable heroes while simultaneously making sure all the gags hit home.

Step forward the confirmed Battletoads voice cast: the team’s fast-fighting leader Zitz is voiced by Ryan Ridley (Rick & Morty, Community), while excitable and unpredictable Rash is handled by Eric Bauza (Looney Tunes, Star Wars Resistance) and unexpectedly philosophical bruiser Pimple is portrayed by Echo Kellum (Arrow, Girlfriend’s Day). The Dark Queen herself is voiced by Siobhan Hewlett (The Show, Brakes). Meanwhile, the game’s writing crew have used their high-caliber comedy credits to give our heroes rich, revitalized personalities, bringing them bang up to date for their 2020 revival.

Of course, there’s still plenty to learn about the story of Battletoads, including more about the mysterious Topians who seem to be pulling the strings – and players will be able to enjoy the twists and turns for themselves when the game launches August 20. Until then, check out the Battletoads Microsoft Store page or wishlist the game on Steam, dive into our heroes’ original adventures in the Rare Replay collection with Xbox Game Pass, and stay tuned to Rare on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for breaking news and insider insights. Get ready to take cover – the Battletoads are back!