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Spiritfarer is Out Now on Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass

Today, it’s with great pride that we are launching Thunder Lotus’ third game, Spiritfarer, a cozy management game about dying.

Death is a recurring theme in our games, from the Viking afterlife in Jotun to the meandering eldritch caverns of Sundered. You could say that I’m obsessed. Spiritfarer is quite different though. Diving deep into the subject with a lighter touch and a cozier vibe. You play Stella, ferry master to the deceased, and must build a boat to explore the world, pick up spirits, and release them into the afterlife.

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Spiritfarer is a game about celebrating life. As you meet these spirits and fulfill their final requests, you get to know them: their likes, dislikes, who they were, and what they did. Hopefully, you’ll connect with them. Their stories were often inspired by loved ones of the devs on our team.

Among others, we have Gwen, the deer spirit and Stella’s fiendishly sarcastic best friend. Atul is Stella’s uncle the frog spirit, always happy, hungry, and ready for a hug. And Summer, the snake spirit, who teaches Stella the importance of gardening and of connecting to the earth and to one’s inner self.

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As for gameplay, you could say we threw everything but the kitchen sink at Spiritfarer. Platforming, exploration, narrative dialogue, minigames, crafting, cooking, fishing, farming and more. Spiritfarer has it all! Some could call it unfocused but I call it a beautiful mishmash of creative game design. The different game modes naturally flow between each other, allowing for player expression and min-maxing of various management activities. Just beware of capitalistic sharks and raccoons, they’re always looking to snatch up your hard earned Glims, the game’s luminous currency.

We hope you’ll enjoy your time with Spiritfarer. We’ve poured our heart and soul into this game and are extremely proud of what it means for us as developers. Hopefully, Spiritfarer can act as a warm blanket in these hard and uncertain times.