Battletoads Speedrun Hero

Xbox Game Pass for PC Presents the Battletoads Speedrun Challege

We have Battletoads, and so do you! Available today with Xbox Game Pass for PC, you can leap into outer-space for some precision platforming and brawling battle action with your favorite amphibians. The Battletoads are back!

To welcome Zitz, Rash, and Pimple back, Xbox Game Pass for PC has challenged 8 competitive speedrunners to play Battletoads on the most difficult setting (these aren’t tadpoles, these are Battletoads). They are given 72 hours to set the fastest possible time to play through the entire game.

The winner is crowned the true Battletoad!

Starting today, Friday, August 21, each of these speedrunners will start mastering the game to complete the fastest 100% run on Battletoad difficulty. We’ll be streaming the attempts of the below speedrunners on the Xbox Twitch channel:


Watch each of them battle it out, and tune in to @xboxgamepassPC all weekend for updates on how the speedrunners are doing. Monday, August 24, we’ll announce the Toad-al winner of the speedrunning challenge and crown the true Battletoad! (That’s my pun, I’ll leave the rest for Zitz, Rash, and Pimple in game).

If you want try your hand at speedruning along with your favorite streamers, you can get your first month of Xbox Game Pass for PC for $1. Whether you’re a toad veteran from the ‘90s or leaping into Battletoads for the first time, now is the time to hop in. (Ok, really, I’m done with the puns now).