A Hero And A Garden Is Now Available For Xbox One

Xbox Live


Ratalaika Games S.L.

Once upon a time, there was a princess trapped in a tower by an evil witch. Would anyone attempt to rescue her? A brave hero attempted to save her, but things didn’t exactly work out for him! In a twist of fate, our young hero is now forced to repay all the damage he caused to the local monster villagers by… growing a garden? Harvest berries, fulfill requests, and repair the local monster town in this unique visual novel clicker game. Earn enough money to pay back the witch and experience unique character endings! Features: * Cute and simple art * Get to know a strong cast of monster characters * Experience special character-variant endings * Peaceful and tranquil music

Product Info:
Developer: npckc
Publisher: Ratalaika Games 
Website: A Hero And A Garden
Twitter: @npckc@RatalaikaGames