Everwild night scene

A Window Into Another World: Everwild Trailer Gets a Directors’ Commentary

To provide additional insight into the world of Everwild, its characters and its inspirations, Rare has today released a special Directors’ Commentary version of the most recent trailer for its next big project, Everwild. The ‘Eternals’ trailer, first shown at the Xbox Games Showcase in July, showcased some of the fantastical scenes that players can expect to find in Everwild – and at the time fans everywhere couldn’t help but speculate on what they saw. 

In this Directors’ Commentary video, Everwild Executive Producer Louise O’Connor and Art Director Ryan Stevenson confirm some of the theories spun up by eagle-eyed viewers in reaction to the original trailer, talking through each scene in detail and shining a light on some of the characters, creatures and how they’re connected. For the scoop on what awaits players in this natural and magical world, check out the full Directors’ Commentary video:

As you’ll discover, the video also makes an early reference to the various biomes of Everwild, with Art Director Ryan Stevenson confirming that there will be a number of different environments to experience and explore throughout a player’s Everwild journey.

The team go on to discuss some of the more supernatural aspects to the trailer, uncovering meaning behind the Eternals’ rituals and alluding to some of the power held by the mysterious spirits of the world over its inhabitants.

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