World of Tanks: Hot Wheels

World of Tanks Launches Its Hot Wheels Season


  • World of Tanks, the online game of strategic tank warfare, is launching an all-new season of content, this time in partnership with Mattel and its Hot Wheels brand.
  • Players will progress through levels by earning points in battles. The levels offer amazing in-game rewards to every World of Tanks player, with the biggest rewards being exclusive tanks based on classic Hot Wheels vehicles.
  • The World of Tanks: Hot Wheels season brings all the fun and imagination of treasured Hot Wheels toys to the battlefield while still offering something for everyone with its challenges and rewards.

It’s time for World of Tanks to shift gears! We’re incredibly excited to announce our latest season of fast-paced, boundless online tank warfare and challenges: the World of Tanks: Hot Wheels season, launching September 22!

Based on the success of the seasonal content model we launched earlier this year with World of Tanks: Valor, we’re continuing with a new series of limited-time challenges and rewards. We’ve been thrilled seeing our tank commanders strive to achieve more points in-online battles and ascend higher through each season’s Levels. That’s why we offer rewards throughout the season at regular Level intervals. By playing fiercely, commanders can earn XP boosters, in-game Gold and Silver, consumable items like Repair Kits, and so much more.

Of course, why launch a whole-new special season if you’re not going to offer special rewards, right? World of Tanks: Hot Wheels has plenty of special rewards just waiting for players to earn. The biggest ones: exclusive conceptual tanks based on the designs of classic Hot Wheels vehicles. You don’t see tanks like these every day!

World of Tanks: Hot Wheels

Here are the nitty-gritty details:

Every World of Tanks: Hot Wheels player can earn rewards through the standard season progression. They’ll receive their rewards every three levels, all the way up to the final World of Tanks: Hot Wheels season Level, Level 100.

We’ll have plenty of challenges along the way to help them build up points and rise through the Levels quickly. We know they’ll want to, because waiting for them upon completion of Level 100 is one epic reward: the Tiger Shark Spähpanzer tank!

World of Tanks: Hot Wheels

However, if players want even more incredible rewards and unbelievable exclusive tanks, they can upgrade their season experience with either our Season Pass or our Ultimate Pass.

The Season Pass makes rewards available at every level, adding tons more content to the game. It also unlocks two additional unique Hot Wheels tanks for players to earn: the fiery Trailblazer Spähpanzer tank (available at Level 75) and the dexterous Rodger Dodger E 75 TS tank (available at Level 100)!

The Ultimate Pass builds on the Season Pass. It includes all the Season Pass rewards and adds the ability to skip 25 Levels in the season. It also grants players the astounding Bone Shaker TS-5 tank and crew immediately upon purchase. Get ready to shake up the battlefield with this one!

World of Tanks: Hot Wheels

Whether players upgrade to one of our passes or pursue the standard season progression, they’ll be able to enjoy Hot Wheels content throughout the season. Hot Wheels-themed tank crews will be available to earn through all the reward tracks, and Hot Wheels emblems for decorating any tank can be earned with one of the passes.

The World of Tanks Garage will sport a brand-new look for the season as well. You remember the iconic orange plastic track you used to race your Hot Wheels vehicles, don’t you?

We can’t wait to bring World of Tanks players into the Hot Wheels universe by introducing a touch of nostalgic fun to the battlefield. We’ve combined the cars you loved as a kid with the tanks you love now for a season unlike any other. With several rewards in place, we have a lot of action-packed content in store for our longtime commanders, too. There’s something for everyone in this fresh new season!

So, take your imagination into battle. Take the challenge. Log in to the World of Tanks: Hot Wheels season and roll out!