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Choose Your Wings in Star Wars: Squadrons, Available Now on Xbox One

It’s time for takeoff in Star Wars: Squadrons! Feel the adrenaline rush of first-person multiplayer dogfights and a thrilling Star Wars story – an immersive, authentic piloting experience that puts you in the cockpits of iconic starfighters.

Star Wars: Squadrons

But before you head out to fight for the galaxy, we wanted to guide you through the different starfighter classes, components, and strategies to punch your piloting career into hyperdrive.

Choose Your Wings

There are eight starfighters in Star Wars: Squadrons – evenly split between the New Republic and Empire – categorized in four classes: fighters, interceptors, bombers, and support. They all have different traits and specializations with plenty of room for customization:

Star Wars: Squadrons
  • The X-wing and TIE fighter are both sorted into the fighter class. Fighters are the all rounders in Squadrons and great for rookies and aces alike. They’re easy to handle and adaptable to multiple situations.
Star Wars: Squadrons
  • The Y-wing and TIE bomber are defined as bomber class starfighters. While their loadouts make them formidable in a dogfight, they are mainly designed to carry out bombing runs on capital ships. What they lack in speed, they make up with raw firepower.
Star Wars: Squadrons
  • The A-wing and TIE interceptor form the interceptor class – the fastest, most agile starfighters in Star Wars: Squadrons. They can’t endure much damage, buttheir speed and maneuverability make them difficult targets.
Star Wars: Squadrons
  • The U-wing and TIE reaper are both part of the support class, providing life-saving supplies and repairs to their allies. They can also be equipped to disrupt enemy systems.

One important note is that while the starfighters in each class share general characteristics, they also have their unique features depending on the faction.

You’ll want to pick the right starfighter for the right moment. The beginning of each match of Fleet Battles – Star Wars: Squadrons’ signature mode – is focused on dogfighting between starfighters. An interceptor or fighter might be the most natural choice here.

Star Wars: Squadrons

Bombers will come in handy when the frontline moves forward and it’s time to rip through the shields and hulls of enemy capital ships. Support starfighters are for all pilots who like to keep their team alive and stocked up at any moment.

Modify Your Starfighter with Components

Starfighter components allow you to further tailor and specialize your ship. Components are unlocked with Requisition points, which is obtained by simply playing the game and leveling up. Components have gameplay-altering effects, and come in six categories: primary weapons, auxiliaries, countermeasures, shields, hulls, and engines.

Star Wars: Squadrons

There’s a hefty selection of more than 50 components to unlock and choose from, giving plenty of opportunity for you to experiment your way to the perfect loadout. Here are three examples of how you can specialize your ships:

  1. Modify your Y-wing to become a pure anti-capital ship beast, equipped with an Ion Cannon to deal plenty of shield damage to the capital ship, while also having the flexibility to ionize and stun enemy starfighters – leaving them defenseless so your allies can finish them off. A combination of Ion and Proton Bombs will deal massive damage to the capital ship if you can get close enough. The Dampener Hull, Conversion Shield, and SLAM Engine are all very defensive and geared towards giving escorting allies a wider window of opportunity to intercept enemies that are targeting you.

  2. Create a joust specialist out of your TIE bomber, well equipped for head-on confrontations! Activate the Assault Shield component at the start of the engagement – temporarily forming an impenetrable frontal shield – then drop a Seeker Mine to finish off your enemy if they manage to survive your Rotary Cannon fire. Chaff Particles keep you protected as you turn around for the next engagement. If your opponent still manages to get the better of you, the Unstable Engine will explode upon your elimination, giving you the chance for instant revenge by taking out the enemy with you.

  3. Or, make your A-wing perfect for stealthy hit-and-run tactics! The Reflec Hull and Targeting Jammer help you stay hidden at both long and short distances. Then, at close range, use the Plasburst Laser Cannon to shred your target to pieces.

Build Your Team

The composition of your team is equally important. For example, a group of five bombers might not be the most efficient for taking on a capital ship. Sure, you would wield superior firepower. But you wouldn’t survive for long against a group of skilled opponents who’re viciously defending their fleet.

Star Wars: Squadrons

Having interceptors to strafe turrets and defend your bombers from enemy starfighters, or support ships to provide repairs and extra ammo, will improve your odds of success. Take the time in the briefing room before each match to strategize around these kinds of scenarios with your team.

Good luck pilots and see you in the stars! Pick up Star Wars: Squadrons today on the Microsoft Store for Xbox.

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