Overwatch Halloween Terror

Earn Spooky New Rewards in Overwatch Halloween Terror, Now Live on Xbox One

It’s time to return to the fright – Overwatch Halloween Terror is back! Group up for a limited time to earn chilling new cosmetics and take on a spine-tingling new version of Junkenstein’s Revenge! Don’t get petrified, because Overwatch Halloween Terror ends on November 3.

Play, Win, Earn

Each week during the event, players can take part in a new weekly challenge, where wins in Quick Play, Competitive, and Arcade will earn you otherworldly new Epic skins like Fantasmic Sombra, Stone Brigitte, and Ragdoll Echo. Each skin is a weekly exclusive, so play each week to unlock them all!

Overwatch Halloween Terror

Keep playing to earn Overwatch Halloween Terror Loot Boxes and unlock new cosmetics so you can scare your enemies with Shin-Ryeong D.Va (Legendary), sharpen your sword as Karasu-Tengu Genji (Legendary), or sail past the competition as Flying Dutchman Sigma (Legendary).

Get Ghouled in Junkenstein’s Revenge

Junkenstein’s Revenge, our electrifying Halloween PvE Brawl, is back! Team up with three other players to confront a host of haunting horrors, including Junkenstein and his mindless horde of Zomnics, the dreadful Monster, the mysterious Summoner, the bloodthirsty Reaper, and the devious Witch of the Wilds. Hold your ground with your compatriots as an unending slew of monstrosities lays siege to Adlersbrunn. How long will you last before you succumb to the horrors of Junkenstein?

Overwatch Halloween Terror

Plus, new this year, the Outlaw (Ashe) and the Renegade (Baptiste) have come to Adlersbrunn to test their mettle against Junkenstein’s creations. Get spooked!

Let the Terror Begin!

Ready to jump into bat-tle? Dig into the action now through November 3 on Xbox One.

Overwatch Halloween Terror

Learn more about Overwatch and the Overwatch Halloween Terror event at PlayOverwatch.com. Catch you in-game!

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