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A Grip of New Horror Titles From the ID@Xbox Crypt

This season ID@Xbox brings you a festering handful of instant horror classics. Some are funny and others are, well, not so funny, but all of them promise adventure, mystery, and challenges. Beware: eating too much candy while playing can increase the adrenalin in your bloodstream and cause you to scream. We warned you.

Visage – SadSquare Studio – October 30
Jump into Visage, a dark, foreboding and very scary first-person psychological horror game where you must survive through reliving the horrific events in a house with a terrifying history.

Clea – InvertMouse – Available Now
There are other ways to survive a scary house, and Clea, from InvertMouse, is a 2D survival horror adventure where players rely on skill and critical thinking to find their way back outside. Clea is available now.

Re:Turn – One-Way Trip – Green Man Gaming – Available Now
Remember that fun summer campout after graduation? Maybe not. Re:Turn – One Way Trip is cuteness with a high creep factor, following five friends through an immersive point-and-click horror adventure, with unique hand-drawn environments.

This is the Zodiac Speaking – Klabater – Available Now
Follow the clues on the trail of one of the history’s most gruesome unsolved serial cases. This is the Zodiac Speaking is part detective story, part historic journey, and all style with a vintage 1970s atmosphere and original soundtrack.

Grey Skies: A War of the Worlds Story – Steel Arts Software – Available November 5
There’s always room for sci-fi, right? Grey Skies: a War of the Worlds Story, based on the classic H.G. Wells novel, pits you against armies of Martian tripods hunting you down with heat rays. Unravel the mystery before the world is destroyed!

Vampire’s Fall: Origins – Early Morning Studio – Available Now
If you’re hankering for a classic RPG-styled game in the horror genre, Vampire’s Fall: Origins offers an open world tactical combat 2D adventure, where you get to choose from four classic vampire bloodlines and decide whether you want to save the world or lay waste to it.

Injection 23 Halloween Event – Abramelin Games – Available Now
Injection 23 launched on Xbox back in September, and now fans of the classic survival horror game from this tiny Spanish indie studio can enjoy an Xbox-exclusive Halloween event from October 27 to November 3. Uncover the story of Cortido Jurado in Chapter 8-IV: Trick or Treat.

Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle – Blue Wizard Digital – Available Now
Control Jason on a rampage from Crystal Lake into parts unknown, guided by the disembodied head of your evil mom. Upgrade weapons and enjoy hilarious epic kills.

Pumpkin Jack – Headup – Available Now
Lovers of classics like Medievil will enjoy this 3D platforming romp where your goal as a pumpkin-headed hero is to use evil to eradicate good.

Sweet Witches – Lumen Section – Available Now
If candy is your happy place, try Sweet Witches, where you play as a cute witch in classic arcade style quest for – wait for it – candy.

Gonner 2 – Raw Fury – Available Now
The procedurally generated platformer that puts you in charge of helping out Death by braving dark, surreal and uniquely styled realms. Shoot your way to glory (and weapon upgrades) alone or with 4 other players.

These games might be the best replacement for trick-or-treating around, and much better for your teeth. Stay safe, stay inside, and stay terrified. Happy Halloween from the ID@Xbox team!