Clocker & Mr. Pumpkin Adventure & Alien Cruise Bundle Is Now Available For Xbox One

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Clocker & Mr. Pumpkin Adventure & Alien Cruise Bundle

E-Home Entertianment Development Co., Ltd

Three great indie puzzle games in one pack! Clocker: Time puzzle game. A story between a father and daughter, using a dual protagonists technique. By controlling two individaul characters in turn, you will gradually solve puzzles, push forward the timeline and the adventure. The game features unique time mechanisms, an artistic hand-drawn sketchy style, thought-provoking puzzles and a heart-warming plot. A vexing and thrilling adventure awaits you. Mr. Pumpkin Adventure: a critically acclaimed, point-and-click puzzle solving game with a detailed, unique art style. Embark on an incredible adventure as Mr. Pumpkin seeks self-salvation in a world of magical vegetables. The witty levels are filled with a wide variety of fun puzzles that lead players closer and closer to the heart of htis fantasitical, hysterical world. In the Xbox One version of the game, achievements have been creatively implemented to provide even more challenge. Alien Cruise: an independent side scroller shooting game. Its background is set at the foreseeable future, when protagonist is facing a survival crisis due to deterioration of the Earth's natural environment. At this point, some scientists detect the existence of other planets outside their own galaxy with other types of life on them, which are very likely to be suitable for human beings. They therefore trained a group of elite space astronauts to look for chances of extending life in the outer space and save their home. These well-trained space warriors need to drive sacecarftes to explore and find a planet suitable for human life. In the unknown space, unprecedented great challenges awaits them.
Product Info:
Developer: CottonGames, Wild Child, FeiYu
Twitter: @eHomeBJH