Xbox Insider Program

The new Xbox Insider and Report a problem apps launch today!

Following months of arduous work, we’re excited to announce that the new Xbox Insider and Report a problem apps are available to the general public, starting today!

Over a quarter million Xbox Insiders have joined us in previewing both apps over the last many months, helping to identify and fix issues we wouldn’t have found with just our team.

This is an excellent example of how Xbox Insiders are integral to shipping better products.

Two Apps, One Bundle

As you know if you’ve previewed these apps on the Xbox console, the Report a problem app is now separate from the Xbox Insider app. This allows us to more easily maintain the code base for both apps and makes it easier to deploy updates and bug fixes. The Xbox Insider app on Windows remains the same and does not include problem reporting.

The previous version of the app is now labeled “Xbox Insider Hub (Legacy)”. To install the new Xbox Insider app on the console, look for a new store listing for “Xbox Insider bundle,” which will install both apps. On PC, you can simply look for “Xbox Insider.”

What’s New in the Xbox Insider App

• No more horizontal scrolling
• Game playtests and system updates are available in the “Previews” area
• Quests and Surveys are available in the “Activities” area
• Weekly Pulse surveys give you a chance to provide regular feedback, even if you’re not part of other previews

What’s New in Report a Problem

• Your last played game or app bubbles to the top for faster selection
• Better performance for Insiders with large game libraries
• Categories and subcategories load faster through a modal dialog

We Appreciate You!

As always, thank you so much for your participation in the Xbox Insider Program. None of this would be possible without you.

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