Spellbreak Chapter 1: The Spellstorm

Spellbreak is a competitive, free-to-play, third-person spellcasting game where you unleash powerful magic as you battle other players for supremacy. With the launch of Spellbreak’s first chapter today, I’m excited to dive into some of the many new experiences you can look forward to.

Each Spellbreak chapter provides an ongoing narrative with quests and unique rewards that you’ll unlock as you progress through the game. Beyond providing more activities and goals, chapters provide you with the ability to participate in the unfolding story of Spellbreak.


In Chapter 1: The Spellstorm, you’ll delve into the mysteries behind the ruinous magical storm that has made the Hollow Lands uninhabitable. With so few willing and able to brave the dangers, it falls on you and other Vowbreakers—mages who embrace magic in defiance of the Vowkeepers—to lead the charge and determine if there will ever be a way to turn back the devastating Spellstorm.

Along the way, you’ll be introduced to a cast of new characters (complete with voice-over) who need your help as they work with you to investigate the Spellstorm. Some, like the scholar Quincy Poisewax, clearly have noble intentions. Others, like the enigmatic Blackthorn, are less obvious.


Each of the twelve weeks in the chapter offers a chain of three quests. These story quests are available to everyone and coincide with new discoveries as the world of Spellbreak continues to evolve. Even if you aren’t following the story closely, the consequences will be impossible to miss. The Hollow Lands are a dynamic and ever changing place and each week can bring surprises.

If you are looking for the ultimate way to participate in the chapter, you’ll definitely want to check out the Chapter Pass and its 50 levels of content. With the Chapter Pass, you’ll have access to even more quests as well as unique chapter rewards like the Bogmore Deathdealer outfit. The Honor quests that the chapter pass unlocks are available throughout the chapter, so even if you come in a few weeks late, you’ll still have access to all the Chapter Pass content.


The idea of chapters supporting an ongoing narrative is something that’s been part of our plans for a long time now. And while the prologue hinted at what was to come, I’m confident that veteran players as well as newcomers to the game will find something to get excited about in Chapter 1.

See you in the Hollow Lands, Breakers!

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Unleash your inner battlemage in Spellbreak. When magic is forbidden, locked in the iron grip of the Vowkeepers, it’s up to you to resist and reclaim what’s yours. Harness the raw power of your gauntlets and tap into the unimaginable forces of the elemental planes . Soar into fierce battles, through floating islands and impossible terrain, to unleash the Breaker within. BUILD YOUR BATTLEMAGE Choose a class: Frostborn, Conduit, Pyromancer, Toxicologist, Stoneshaper, or Tempest. Each has its own playstyle, which you can customize with talents as you grow in power. Which will you master? COMBINE THE ELEMENTS A mighty battlemage isn’t limited to just one ability. Seize hold of two powerful magic gauntlets and blend devastating spell combinations to control the battlefield with fiery tornadoes, electrified gas clouds, and more! OUTPLAY YOUR RIVALS Explore the map and find tactical advantages to outplay your opponents. Discover hidden chests that contain magical runes and game-changing equipment. These items give you the ability to fly, teleport, control time, become invisible, and more. ENTER AN EVER-EVOLVING WORLD The fractured battleground of the Hollow Lands is just the beginning of your adventure in the greater world of Primdal. New chapter updates will reveal more of the deep, rich lore behind this powerful place and its people. BATTLE ACROSS THE HOLLOW LANDS Form a party of powerful battlemages and vanquish other players to stand victorious in this unique battle royale! Future updates will unlock exciting new game modes. Can you summon the strength, skill, and cunning to unleash the battlemage within?