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Torchlight III’s Snow and Steam Update Brings a Storm of Sought-After Updates

Torchlight III has just released a smoldering new update full of winter-related content, a rework for the Forged class, and a large list of bug fixes. In this blog, we’ll dive into what you can expect to find in the latest Snow & Steam update.

Snow & Steam Update

The Snow & Steam update is the largest patch to come to Torchlight III since the game launched on October 13th; it not only brings an assortment of new pets and fort decorations to the frontier, but also includes a large update to the Forged class, a new Style Station for customizing your look, and updates to the end game – Fazeer’s Dun’djinn’s Challenge Dungeons.

Winter Themed Contract, Pets, & Fort Decorations

A new, limited-time contract has been added alongside this update that includes a large assortment of winter-themed pets and fort decorations!

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Earning fame for this new contract (which is gained by killing unique monsters) will earn you a large list of new content, including snow-based decorations for your fort, an Ugly Sweater Cat variant, and an assortment of consumable and currency based rewards. During this update, the recently added spooky pets will become unavailable to find on the frontier, but may return again after the Snow & Steam season has passed.

New Legendary Gear

The winter season is also blowing in additional ice-sharp legendary gear. These legendaries are permanent additions to the game and can only be found by level 47+ characters.

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You can now expect to find an entirely new Winterweave armor set on the frontier, along with a new Mace, Sword, Shield, and Focus.

Forged Rework, Fazeer Improvements, Fort Updates, Transmog, Pet Enhancements, Bug Fixesand More

In addition to the winter updates, the Forged class has received a major revamp. The team has revised the class in order to support more viable melee builds, which includes changing some of its skills and revamping the HUD to accommodate for the new ‘steam’ resource.

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You can read all about the Forged updates and makeover at where we have posted detailed patch notes and developer insights into this change. Speaking of makeovers…

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The Style Station is now available as soon as you have unlocked your fort; this new transmog feature can transform your same-as-everyone-else gear into a unique fashion statement. Don’t have room for this new decoration in your current fort layout? No longer an issue!

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Fort basements have been added to expand upon your current setup; now you can enjoy the extra space without worrying about having to cram everything you own all on the top floor. And while we are on the subject of forts…

Your creativity has now entered the third dimension! In addition to the newly added fort basements, you can now arrange your fort decorations vertically, meaning you can now place objects on top of other objects with ease.

Long-awaited improvements are have finally come to Fazeer’s Dun’djinn! Players adventuring into the Challenge Dungeons after the update will notice more affixes, a revamped quest system (no more missing quest items!), and increased rewards/difficulty.

And that’s not all! There are also enhancements coming to pets, including an option to have your pets fetch potions, impressive pet cages, and more pet skills. We’ve also dropped a bunch of other updates to address drop rates, itemization, movement skills, and a large list of player-reported bugs.

More Coming to Torchlight III!

More update news will be coming in the next few months, so Torchlight III recommends following their Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and Discord for upcoming update news.

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