Prison Architect: Going Green

Getting Resourceful with Prison Architect: Going Green

Hello, Architects!

We’re kicking off the new year with a fresh start (pun intended)! We’ve got three big pieces of news to share with you:

  1. Prison Architect is heading to Xbox Game Pass for PC today
  2. Our latest expansion, Prison Architect: Going Green, is now available
  3. We’re also launching a free content update, The Glasshouse

To celebrate, I want to give you an inside look at some of the content that’s now available for Prison Architect on Xbox One!

Going Green gives Wardens the tools to create more sustainable compounds. The introduction of farming allows Wardens to grow produce, including apples, wheat and potatoes. And with new gameplay mechanics, comes more thematic contraband to keep you alert.

Prison Architect: Going Green

Let’s start at the heart of Going Green – farming. You can now grow fruits and vegetables, creating a more self-sustaining prison. In addition to seeds and dirt, you’ll also need Farmers to tend to the crops.

While farming is mostly fun and games, prisoners will sometimes plant some… non-regulation seeds to grow herbs. I’ll let you fill in the blanks. Other prisoners will also swipe wheat and brew jailhouse Booze in their own cells. So stay vigilant – and watch out for any prisoners that seem a little too interested in the new Pantry and Farmer’s Field.

Prison Architect: Going Green

We wouldn’t be “going green” if we didn’t also talk about Green Energy! Solar, Wind, and Solar/Wind hybrid power sources are available, making your compounds energy efficient. Energy can be sold back to the grid – so it’s green in more ways than one!

The Glasshouse is a free content update available for all players on Xbox One. We’ve been listening to our players and we know that the game’s UX/UI is a bit… dated. The Glasshouse officially jumpstarts our mission to update the interface, making it more modern and intuitive.

Prison Architect: Going Green

We’re starting by expanding the sorting methods for the objects menu, allowing players to further sort the items listed. With the Going Green expansion, a new info help system has also been added which provides info on the new features and mechanics.

But there’s more! The Glasshouse adds sustainable walls, flooring, and more, which you can use to customize your Green compounds. There’s even a Recycling station because every little bit helps.

Prison Architect: Going Green

We’d be lying if we didn’t say the real stars of The Glasshouse are the additional K9 Units. That’s right, there’s even more guard dog varieties in the game — imagine the Bowtie Bandit “paw-trolling” around. Just look at him! 

Well, there you have it Wardens! We’re excited to welcome all our new players who are trying the game out for the first time with Xbox Game Pass and welcome back our veteran Wardens who want to check out the new content. Hope you’re ready to get your hands dirty and earn your green thumb!

Prison Architect – Going Green

Paradox Interactive

Prepare to get your hands dirty Wardens! Prison Architect: Going Green brings agriculture to your compound, introducing farming, produce exports, and a whole bunch of contraband. Key Features Fruits of Labor: Farming introduces a new type of Prison Labor, allowing prisons to grow potatoes, wheat, apples, and more. Produce can be exported or used as ingredients for inmate meals. Room to Grow: Three outdoor rooms facilitate farming: Fruit Orchard, Farm Field and Vegetable Allotment. But that’s not all, players can recruit staff Farm Workers, build a Pantry to store produce, and construct a Shed to house farming-related items. Best Buds: Inmates who enjoy nature’s beauty can grow flowers and other plants recreationally. Gardening affects inmates and gives them a positive recreation activity. Trouble is Brewing: With new crops comes new contraband. Prisoners can now secretly grow herbs in the fields and swipe kitchen ingredients to brew Booze. Fields can also become Gang Turf, so keep your guards on alert! A Greener New Deal: Prisons get an eco-friendly makeover with Solar, Wind, and Solar/Wind Hybrid power sources. Excess power created by these sustainable methods can be sold back to the grid using the Power Export Meter.