Roombo: First Blood Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

Xbox Live

Roombo: First Blood

Samurai Punk

Xbox One X Enhanced
Hack smart-home gadgets like lights, doors and various appliances to set up traps, or improvise weapons from objects around the house. Hide under furniture, set your trajectory and plow into your enemies, knocking them over with such force that they go flying, then munch them up when they’re down. But make sure you don’t leave too much blood on the carpet, because you’ll need to make sure the house is clean before the family gets home. Only you can save Christmas and show these burglars that justice sucks. This is a short experimental game featuring 6 difficulty scenarios set in one stage and an unlockable gallery of concept art.
Product Info:
Developer: Samurai Punk
Publisher: Samurai Punk
Twitter: @samuraipunk

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