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5 Tips to Help You Survive in the Frozen Forests of The Wild Eight


  • Learn more about the atmospheric and intense survival action-adventure game set in the frozen wilderness of Alaska
  • Find out some helpful tips that will let you successfully overcome the challenges awaiting you in the wild forest
  • Check out The Wild Eight today on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One

Welcome, freshly minted survivors! The Wild Eight, the intense survival action-adventure game set in the frozen wilderness of Alaska, is coming to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One today! To celebrate the long-awaited release, we want to share a few quick tips on how to stay alive in the middle of an unforgiving ice-cold forest. So get warm in advance, grab your backpacks and get ready for some cool adventure ahead of you!

Tip #1 – Get Stronger: Yeah, this one might sound a bit too obvious, but don’t jump to conclusions so fast. While you as a player have to be mentally strong and prepared to boost your instincts, make right decisions or hit your controller buttons quickly if you fail at making them, you’re also responsible for the character on the screen, which has room to improve. All the characters have certain perks unique to them, but there are also skills you can upgrade during the gameplay process itself. Don’t ignore them, they will make your life much easier, promise. And visit your Shelter from time to time.

Tip #2 – Explore Abandoned Places for Unique Loot: If you think that staying closer to your camp is the best strategy to progress in the game, you’re wrong. Well, actually, let me reword it a bit: you certainly have a point there, staying safe is important, but, you know, nothing ventured, nothing gained. The most interesting and unique loot is usually located in the most remote and hard-to-reach places. So yep, make sure to explore as many points of interest as possible to acquire useful resources and equipment — they are often marked green on the map.

The Wild Eight

Tip #3 – Craft Better Equipment: What’s the point in all the skills you upgrade if you’re walking around the ruthless arctic wilderness naked? Not literally, of course, but in this harsh environment no equipment means no protection, and no protection means less efficiency and eventual death. You can craft weapons, armor and various survival items in your Workshop — just stock up on different resources, such as wood, stone, metal, leather, etc., and everything will be fine. And if you need another reason to collect those, then here it is: you can level up your Workshop using the gathered resources. The higher its level is, the more items you can craft.

Tip #4 – Fire is Your Salvation: The control of fire by early humans became a turning point in the evolution of human beings. You’re not an early human, but during the survival, fire means as much to you as it did to them: it helps you stay warm, escape blizzards and cook the raw food you find in the vastness of snowy forests. The fire will be awaiting you in the Shelter — the same place where you upgrade your skills. By the way, here’s a small addition to the previous tip: the Shelter can be leveled up with resources as well!

The Wild Eight

Tip #5 – Tame Animals: Who is man’s best friend? Right, a wolf or a deer — at least that’s the case in Alaska. Craft a bait using meat or mushrooms, berries, and herbs, set it in the forest and wait for an animal to fall into the trap. Pretty straightforward, yet extremely useful: deers will provide you with additional inventory slots if you craft a special sleigh chest for them, and wolves will fight side by side with you against other animals. Oh, and you can name them, too — isn’t it a perfect occasion to get yourself a personal wild animal?

Phew, now you should be all ready to begin your tough yet thrilling journey through the frozen wilderness. I hope that these tips will make it a tiny bit easier for you! However, don’t rely solely on my advice: there are many more things you have to explore and discover yourself in order to make your way through the forest and find out the truth behind the reason why you ended up there. This way won’t be an easy one, but I’m sure you’ll make it. And don’t forget to have fun while you’re on it!

The Wild Eight is launching on Xbox One today — we’ll see you there, survivor!

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The mysterious plane crash was only the beginning. Eight survivors are stranded in the middle of an unforgiving frozen wilderness of Alaska. Don’t let it consume you. Find out the truth. Survive and live to tell the tale of The Wild Eight. In The Wild Eight, always be on the move — it is your only way to survive and find out what happened with this mysterious place. Explore and Survive Embark on an adventure into the ruthless arctic wilderness and uncover the truth behind a mysterious plane crash that left its surviving passengers to die. Hunt or Be Hunted Gather resources, craft and improve your equipment at the camping site, escape blizzards and fight deadly beasts that lurk in the woods. Loot Find supernatural anomalies, strange laboratories and abandoned facilities, full of useful loot and things that don’t belong to this world.