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  • It ain’t dodgeball… it’s dodgebrawl
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  • Knockout City is coming May 21

Welcome to Knockout City, the dodgeballiest of multiplayer games, coming your way on May 21 to Xbox Series X|S (through backwards compatibility with enhancements), Xbox One, and PC.

Knockout City is full of bright-eyed, bushy-tailed brawlers like yourself, ready to bean opponents with balls in a friendly (well, mostly friendly) dodgebrawl competition. Suit up with endless cosmetic options, then get right into the action. It’ll take a careful combination of teamwork, positioning, and timing to outsmart your opponents: Pass to allies for a high-speed hit from a new angle, throw trick shots to blast them around corners or over walls, or use fake throws to trip up their catches.

Knockout City

If you’re wanting for projectiles, you can always stop, drop, and ball up, becoming a weapon for your crew. Throw a fully charged ally for an ultimate throw that lands hard with an instant-KO blast!

The dodgeballs you see across Knockout City aren’t your garden-variety playground dodgeballs. They’re a bit more dangerous, and some of them are powerful special balls. The Bomb Ball starts ticking down to kaboom from the moment you pick it up. The Cage Ball will trap your enemy in ball form, letting you throw them off the map or, more embarrassingly, into their own teammates. Use the Moon Ball to take your brawl to new heights with its low gravity effect, or throw it to knock opponents into the stratosphere.

Knockout City

This city of ours is a lively place, and every locale brings fresh mechanics to remix your brawl. The blustery winds of Rooftop Rumble will give your gliders a boost, letting you soar between skyscrapers to lob balls down onto unsuspecting opponents. Knockout Roundabout is the city’s bustling heart, and it’s got the constant traffic to prove it, which is conveniently usable as both transportation and cover. If you’re heading to Concussion Yard, put on a hardhat… though it won’t protect you from that wrecking ball. Seriously, who left that thing running?

More maps and special balls will be revealed in the coming months, so stay tuned!

Knockout City

If you’re brawling with the best of ‘em, you gotta look the part. Knockout City is full of cosmetic options. Your outfit, hair, body type, glider, taunt, and KO effect are just a few of the pieces you can customize. You can even select your reaction for the end of a match. Sore loser? Gracious winner? The choice is yours.

In Knockout City, standing out is just as important as standing with your crew. Every member wears the same logo on their back, and you’ll fly into matches in the same slick hovercar.

Knockout City

Knockout City drops on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One on May 21 on the Xbox Store. Full cross-play lets you throw down with friends no matter what system they’re on, and at launch, everyone will get a chance to try dodgebrawling for free during the trial period.

My fellows and I here at Velan Studios have spent the last four years building Knockout City from the ground up — and lemme tell you, those buildings are tall. We, and our partners at EA Originals, cannot wait to get it into your hands. But the information here is just the tip of the dodgeball iceberg. To stay up to date on all things Knockout City, follow us on Twitter, join the official Discord, check out, or slap down your email for our newsletter.

We’ll see you in the city, brawlers.

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"Season 9 is the final season of Knockout City™, and it’s loaded with surprises! Grab a dodgeball and brawl in a full season’s worth of content until public servers close on June 6th, 2023. Visit for all the details. Optimized for Xbox Series X|S. Knockout City™ leverages Xbox Smart Delivery allowing access to both the Xbox One title and Xbox Series X|S title. KEY FEATURES: Duke it out in Knockout City™, where team-based multiplayer Crews settle the score in free-to-play dodgebrawl action. Brace yourself for outrageous fun and intense competition in an all-new take on teambased multiplayer games. Customize your character and form a Crew with friends to start your Knockout City takeover. Knock out opponents with trick shots and coordinated teamwork while dodging and catching balls flying across the map. No ball? No problem! You can literally ball up, roll into a teammate’s hands and become the ultimate projectile. A variety of outlandish ball types, locations and game modes keep it exciting. Plus, each season introduces new maps, ball types, rewards, events and challenges. Throw, catch, pass, dodge and tackle your way to dodgeball dominance in Knockout City! Internet connection, Epic account and acceptance of Velan and Epic User Agreements & Privacy and Cookie Policy ( required to play. CONDITIONS AND RESTRICTIONS APPLY. SEE WWW.KNOCKOUTCITY.COM FOR DETAILS. © 2023 Velan Studios, Inc. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Download the Xbox Series X|S version and get the Xbox One version (Digital Standard or Deluxe Editions) for no additional cost. "