The Lost Cube Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

Xbox Live

The Lost Cube

JanduSoft S.L.

The Lost Cube is a tough 2D Pixel Art platformer game. Ulrik is on the journey to recover the read magical cube which is taken away by the evil dark forces leaving the village land unfertile. The red cube combined with Ulrik's ordinary guitar plays a magical melody witch can bring back happiness and life to the village. Ulrik must stay calm and focused to survive the unforgiving environment and defeat the evil dark forces. About The Game The story takes place somewhere far away in the northern Europe, where a small village is blessed to keep producing fresh fruits and vegetables as the melody is played every day when the red magical cube is combined with Ulrik's old guitar. In a tough platformer game, inspired by Sper Meat Boy & Celeste. You play as Ulrik who has no weapons it has and the only way to complete 80 Levels & 2 boss fights is by staying focused and avoid the unforgiving traps and enemies in the environment. Features In The Lost Cube, your patience will certainly be tested. You need to stay focus to avoid being killed constantly and avoid the enemies by finding the right way to reach the portal. - 80 Levels spread over 4 seasons. Each level has it's own theme and unique enemies which will keep you engaged and entertained. - Experience the sudden break in the genre and beat the enemies in an endless runner gameplay. Collect the Guitar Picks, complete the game with minium death count, and speed run the level to unlock the achievements. Immerse yourself in a silent world of surprise guitar strings and atmospheric sound effects.
Product Info:
Developer: Red Mount Media
Publisher: JanduSoft
Website: The Lost Cube
Twitter: @redmountmedia / @JanduSoft

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