Warrior Boy Xbox Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

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Warrior Boy Xbox

TADVGames Studio

A boy who lives in the Middle Ages found many jewelry and collected jewelry and put them in a box without knowing that there are people who live in neighboring villages looking for these jewelry and they are enemies for each other and there were battles going on between them to obtain these jewelry and kill everyone who has one of these jewelry and not Belonging to the same tribe, we thought that it would keep them safe and happy and make them live forever. They discover that there is a boy who got these jewelry and put it in a box, and they all agreed to unite among them, attack the boy, steal the jewelry box and build a mine to reproduce it and distribute it to the villages.
Product Info:
Developer: TADVGames Studio
Publisher: TADVGames Studio
Website: Warrior Boy Xbox
Twitter: N/A

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