We Were Here Forever

Return to the Haunted Castle Rock in We Were Here Forever

We are returning to the haunted Castle Rock with a brand new adventure! We Were Here Forever is the newest game in our We Were Here series of co-op puzzle adventures. You and a partner play the role of Antarctic explorers who find themselves trapped in a sinister castle — will you be able to escape?

We Were Here Forever

The team here at Total Mayhem Games has been busy designing new puzzles and uncovering new mysteries for you to discover! On a technical level, we’re excited to make use of the power of the new generation of Xbox consoles. It’s going to be very helpful for our plan to bring the world of Castle Rock to life in a way you’ve not seen before.

We Were Here Forever is the fourth game in the We Were Here series. That means more of the cooperative, two-player exploration and puzzle solving that fans have come to know and love. And when we say cooperative, we really mean it — our puzzles can’t be solved alone, and often each player will only get a limited part of the information needed. You’ll have to talk and work together if you’re to have any hope of escaping with your lives. While each game is standalone, if you’re a story fan we’d recommend you play Forever after completing the others: there are some shocking revelations coming…

We Were Here Forever

The Experience of We Were Here

One of our favorite things about our games is how many people have fun streaming them together! Especially in these times, it’s heart-warming to see something we’ve made bring people together, and how everyone experiences the We Were Here games differently! We try to evoke a variety of emotions with our game design, from the satisfaction of solving puzzles to suspense of facing the unknown. One moment you might laugh at a mutual misunderstanding, and the next find yourself shocked at an unexpected revelation in the plot.

For We Were Here Forever we’re planning the most thrilling adventure yet, and to enhance the atmosphere even further we’re going to bring Castle Rock to life! Alongside the immersion of using walkie-talkies to chat with your fellow explorer, there’s going to be a wealth of details to discover as you explore.

There’s a lot to learn about the world of Castle Rock, as you’d expect from a series that will soon include four titles! The first two games in the series – We Were Here and We Were Here Too – were both set inside Castle Rock, while We Were Here Together introduced the Antarctic outdoors. For We Were Here Forever you will find yourself in the depths of the ancient citadel, but as for where you’ll end up? Well, you’ll have to find that out for yourself…

We Were Here Forever

Begin Your Adventure Later This Year

Everything is on track for We Were Here Forever to be released later this year! We have a lot more exciting stuff to share as launch day approaches – make sure to follow us on social media if you want the latest developments.

Until then, have you played the other games in the We Were Here Series? As we said before they’re all standalone experiences for two players that will challenge you to communicate and keep your cool. That last part won’t always be easy though…

Find out if you two have what it takes to escape, or if you’ll remain trapped… forever!