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The Bless Unleashed Spring Update is Here

The Spring Update for Bless Unleashed launches today on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S! Our update has some great new features to improve your time playing the game and some really exciting new ways to improve your character.

New Episode Quests

We’re really excited to be adding new episode quests to the game in this update. These quest chains are designed to fill out more of the backstory in Lumios, with a focus on some important NPCs and revealing more about their background. We’re starting off by adding new quest chains to help players learn more about Professor Orfina and her role at the Order University, Krista and Mokoro, the intrepid Ippin traders, and Delilah, a desert elf outcast players may remember from our last update, The Spear of Salvation.

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We’ll be adding more episode quests as time goes on to further explore these character’s backstory, and other important individuals in the world of Lumios.

Fishing Competitions

Players can now take their fishing skills to the next level in newly added fishing competitions comes to Lumios this update. We just added fishing to the game in our last update, and we’re adding competitions to help players who take up their rod and reel to earn more exciting prizes. Taking part in a fishing competition is easy. All you have to do is catch a fish which qualifies for entry into one of the current competitions and you are automatically entered. The larger the specimen you capture the higher you’ll place, and the more valuable your prize will be at the end of the competition. Prizes include crafting supplies, and of course, new and improved fishing gear.

Introducing the Guild Depot

Guild depots are something we’re really excited about. Guilds can now complete guild trials to earn the ability to stock items in their depot for their members to be able to use, ensuring that your guild is always ready for the next dungeon run. Once you have earned an item to keep stocked in the depot, your guild leaders can place it there and help to keep it stocked by spending Guild Gold. You can help to keep items shelved using Guild Contribution Points. Guild leadership also can set limits to how much people can purchase from the store depending on guild rank to help prevent possible abuse by other members.

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Ancient Weapons

Ancient weapons are the first S class weapons to come to Bless Unleashed! In order to find an ancient weapon, players will need to undertake a special quest to find and discover its location but will also need to enlist the aid of an ancient guardian to unlock its true potential through crafting. To be able to harness the full power of one of these weapons, players will need to show true dedication.

Dungeon Additions

We’re introducing a new Abyssal Dungeon in this update to Bless Unleashed as well. Players have already conquered the normal version of Rutus Mines, Depths of Corruption, but now the Abyssal version of this challenging dungeon offers even greater challenges!

This is not the only new dungeon feature this update however, we’re also introducing new Target Dungeons! Target Dungeons are set specifically and change twice per week. Each Target Dungeon can be completed once, and players will receive increased rewards for completing each Target Dungeon.

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There will be one Target Dungeon, and one Target Lair Challenge for players to challenge themselves against! There are also two tiers of Target Dungeons for mid and high end players. A target dungeon may be any Dungeon or Lair Challenge in the game, and may not even be a dungeon that has been unlocked normally for a player!

The dungeon experiences are tailored for their audience, and can have increased or decreased difficulty depending on the tier of the Target Dungeon. Regardless of which tier you are in, completing a Target Dungeon will yield increased rewards from your normal dungeon experience! You can find out which Dungeons are targeted each week in the Dungeons Menu!

Bless Pass – Glorious Legacy

Our new Bless Pass Season starts tomorrow! The Bless Pass – Glorious Legacy offers players rewards for completing daily missions while playing Bless Unleashed. In the Glorious Legacy season, players who enhance their Bless Pass can earn the ferocious Centurion Lion mount and lovely Radiant Finery costumes! Both of these cosmetic items invoke images of Classic Hollywood to me, and I’m really looking forward to seeing you all sporting these new items!

Bless Unleashed

Whether you’re looking forward to upping your fishing game, overcoming new dangerous challenges, or increasing your guild’s offering to its members, the Spring Update brings new challenges and exciting new features to Lumios for you to enjoy. Will you be the first to harness the power of an ancient weapon? Will you prove yourself to be the best angler in Lumios? Are you ready to lead your guild to greatness? The only way to know is to face the challenges Bless Unleashed has to offer.

Celebrating One Year on Xbox

This update coincidentally coincides with our one year anniversary on Xbox! To celebrate, we’re handing out some nice gifts. Be sure to login March 12 to March 14 to receive the following rewards one time:

  • Sealed Chest Key  x3
  • Abyssal Chest Key  x2
  • Bag Piece x20
  • Ember of Paetion (Legendary) x10
  • Ember of Paetion (Mythic) x10
  • Precise Repair Tools x5

We’re also celebrating with double experience buffs from March 12 to March 14 along with double Star Seed Exchange Rates.

We want to thank everyone who has played and help us grow over the last year, and we look forward to another great year spent on Xbox with all of you!

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