Neverwinter: A New War for Sharandar Has Begun

Old threats, now vanquished, leave room for rebuilding, for new growth, and for new foes. The Feywild calls upon adventurers once again in Neverwinter’s new module: Sharandar. Divided into three episodes, the newest content release brings a new storyline, adventure zone, dungeon, and more!

Episode 1: The Iron Tooth

Having defeated Malabog, the Iliyanbruen elves looked forward to a peaceful calm. Yet, an air of unease brings twisted visions and waking nightmares – compounded by the severing of the Fey Crossing. The bridge connecting the Feywild and Faerûn now blocks the passage between the planes as elven patrols report a threat watching in the shadows.

In Episode 1: The Iron Tooth, you will be asked to assist Merrisara Winterwhite and the rest of the Iliyanbruen elves in uncovering the source of this new threat.


Feywild Foes

The Feywild is home to many creatures of different natures – some friends, many foes. No threat typically comes alone and this one is no different as players face known enemies such as Fomorians, Redcaps, Grungs, Dryads, and more. Among some of the new creatures tricked into service by the greater foe are the Oni, Froghemoth, and Displacer Beast.

The Oni, sometimes called magical ogres due to the innate magical ability, covet magic. Knowing whom they often serve in exchange for magical items will help in uncovering the source of the new threat upon Sharandar. The Frogemoth, revered as gods by the amphibious looking Bullywug, will force adventurers to contend with their large tentacles, prehensile tongue, and three eyes. Also with extra appendages is the Displacer Beast, a 6 footed cat-like creature with two tentacles sprouting from its shoulders.

The dangers of Sharandar are not to be trifled with, but rewards often serve as an incentive to even the most hesitant of heroes.


Rewards Fey and Wild!

The new 3-part campaign brings with it new rewards, from rings to other shiny tokens such Shattered Diamonds. These diamond fragments can be combined to create new gear transmutes, artifact sets, and more. For those wishing for quicker gear to better face the threats of Sharandar, you will also be able to trade in Seals for new gear!

The greater the danger, the greater the reward. The new Vault of Stars dungeon will allow adventures the means to obtain the Forest Guardian set as well as the Sparkling Fey Emblem Artifact!

Whether you desire a transmute item such as the butterfly Crown of the Forest, the Fairy Court fashion set, or the Refulgent Diamond Pin artifact, Sharandar will reward you for your skills and heroics.


Starry, Starry Vault

An item called the Night Diamond is said to be the key to stopping the menace that threatens Sharandar. As with any uniquely powerful item, acquiring it will require well-seasoned adventurers. The new level 80 Dungeon, the Vault of Stars, invites you to enter the Gloaming Court and fight your way to the Vault. The unseelie will stop at nothing to prevent unwelcome visitors who seek to threaten the inner sanctum of their Queen.

Those guarding the way to the vault include the Royal Gardener, whose experiments have resulted in beautiful and horrifying creations. If you get past the Gardener, you will proceed through the Forest of Blooms and its concentration of corpse flowers to make your way to the Prince of Frost. A final disorienting challenge to traverse the Maze of Shadows will lead to the final boss: The Queen of Air and Darkness.


The newly reimagined Sharandar offers a visual feast with its breathtaking environment, especially to adventures seasoned in the hellish landscapes of Avernus. But, just like its infernal predecessor, this module will also bring challenges and adventures. Will you defend the Feywild once again?

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