Lemnis Gate

Lemnis Gate Brings Turn-Based, Time-Looping FPS Strategy to Xbox Game Pass This Summer


  • Lemnis Gate is a mind-bending turn-based tactical shooter.
  • Get a very first look at the Retrieve XM Map: Tectonic Wells.
  • Lemnis Gate is coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, and with Xbox Game Pass this Summer.

Hey everyone! I’m coming to you from 25 seconds ago with exciting news about our time-looping, mind-bending, turn-based strategy shooter. I’m thrilled to be announcing and revealing a couple of special surprises for you today. Firstly, I’m delighted to announce that Lemnis Gate will be coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, and with Xbox Game Pass – PC, console, and cloud on day one. In addition, I’m pleased to be sharing an exclusive look at one of our Retrieve XM maps: Tectonic Wells.

Lemnis Gate

Lemnis Gate is a turn-based, combat strategy FPS introducing revolutionary 4D gameplay. It is turn-based thinking meets skilful shooting over five time-twisting rounds across four different game modes. You will take control of a team of operatives who battle across various planets near to Earth. At the start of each 25 second round you’ll pick one of seven operatives with a unique set of skills.  Whatever actions you take within that round are then locked in and repeat each round until the end of the match. Gameplay and abilities will be familiar to those who’ve played FPS games in the past, however the 25 second time loop adds a new twist that allows you to harness the power of time as you fight and innovate across past, present, and future simultaneously, making strategy just as important as skill.

Here’s the really cool part: In subsequent turns you’ll interact with past versions of yourself – and your opponent – directly. Will you aim to defend previous instances of your own operatives? Or fight to remove enemies from the battlefield? Before making your decision, plan your plays between rounds by utilising the reconnaissance drone. The drone offers a bird’s-eye view of the map so you can keep track of the action. Be warned, though, because your opponent will be doing exactly the same.

Lemnis Gate

Another core mechanic of the game to take note of is ghost mode. In Lemnis Gate, death is not the end. Your actions can change the course of previous rounds through careful planning and tactical thinking. Imagine for example, one of your operatives is killed in round 2 by a grenade. You could counter this in a future round for example by using KARL’s protection orb. That would mean your dead operative is back in the game, and all of their subsequent plays carry out and affect the flow of the match. These additional mechanics coupled with the progressive layering of plays within the 25” time loop rewards suitably abstract and outlandish thinking that makes Lemnis Gate such a fresh experience.

As I mentioned earlier, there are four exhilarating game modes on offer, and today we’ll be taking a closer look at Retrieve XM. The objective is to collect Exotic Matter and return it to your base whilst preventing your opposition from doing the same. The team holding the most matter by the end of the fifth round is declared victorious. There are several maps in which this mode is playable, and Tectonic Wells – which we’re revealing today – is one of them.

Lemnis Gate

So what is Tectonic Wells? Tectonic Wells is a fractured planet wrapped around an unstable magnesium core. A world rife with peril, sporting strange and bubbling magnetic anomalies, it balances speed with precision platforming enticing players to venture further and further off the beaten paths to gain mere fractions of a second to outplay their opponents. But beware, take one foul step, or push your limit too hard and you will plummet into the magnetic depths of the abyss below. When designing a world for Lemnis Gate, no matter what the game world is, we must remember that players only have 25 seconds per turn. Operatives need to get in and out quickly if they are to achieve their objectives. Rapid navigation, corner cutting and risk vs reward are all heavy themes present in Tectonic Wells.

Soon players everywhere will have the opportunity to fight for the preservation of their reality. But only one timeline will be left standing. Will it be yours? Maybe it already IS yours? One of the joys of Lemnis Gate is constantly innovating and discovering new ways to tactically outsmart your opponent whether it be in round 1, or round 5. Whichever world you’re battling on, you must observe, plan and execute as you pit yourself against opponents in a battle of wits and weapons.

I can’t wait for you to experience not only Tectonic Wells, but the game as a whole. In Lemnis Gate, as you’ll soon discover, no two matches are ever the same. Get ready for an innovative, cerebral strategy shooter designed to be played time and time again when Lemnis Gate launches with Xbox Game Pass on day one this Summer, available to play on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, and cloud.