Star Trek Online: House United

Unite the Klingon Houses Today in Star Trek Online

It’s August, the sun is setting on Risa, people all over the galaxy are returning from vacation. What better time than now for all out Klingon War? Over the past year, Star Trek Online has been doing a deep dive into our Klingon experience. In addition to updating and modernizing the starting Klingon experience, we’ve told a year-long storyline of a mad emperor, warring factions, a splintered empire, and lots and lots of Bat’leth on Bat’leth action. And now it’s time for the finale. Starting today, captains on Xbox can experience the epic finale, House United.

In desperation to stop the rampages of the Mad Emperor J’mpok, you and your allies have turned to arcane Klingon science, cloning L’rell (Mary Chieffo, “Star Trek: Discovery”), the first Chancellor of the Klingon Empire, and returning her to life. Alongside you and venerable Klingon General Martok (J.G. Hertzler, “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”), she will engage in a desperate assault on Qon’os, the Klingon Homeworld, to save her Empire.

While you battle J’mpok’s forces on the ground, your allies and shipmates engage them in space. In the new Task Force Operation, Remain Klingon, you’ll engage in a desperate battle above Qon’os against Aakar (Robert O’Reilly, “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”). There are two Klingon Dreadnoughts in orbit, ready to cut your ship to pieces – but with a little luck and some fancy flying, you can trick them into targeting each other instead.

Have a hankering for more “Star Trek: Discovery,” especially after the excellent Season 3? Us to, which is why the Discovery: Far From Home Lock Box is coming with this update, as well. It contains items from Season 3, including the re-fit Crossfield Class, 32nd Century Uniforms, new weapons, and much more. My favorite is a trait called “Bond With Life,” that lets you capture animals from throughout the game and call on them to fight by your side. Gotta catch ‘em all.

Download Star Trek Online in the Xbox Store right now, and you could be playing a brand new Klingon today. Qapla’, and remember: only a fool fights in a burning house.

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