Crusader Kings III

gamescom 2021: Crusader Kings III Coming Soon to Xbox Series X|S

Be a king and marry a beautiful princess! Command a band of loyal knights under your royal banner! Write your own fairy tale! It’s a powerful fantasy that tugs at many of us from childhood.

In Crusader Kings III, Paradox Interactive lets you live out that fantasy — with a few complications. That princess, after all, might prefer to see you dead. Your noble vassals might want to install your treacherous son on the throne. And, let’s face it, you might be better suited as a scholar, not a warrior. Maybe you can trust your evil twin to command the army?

Crusader Kings III

If this sounds interesting to you, you are in luck: one of the most celebrated computer strategy games of 2021 is coming to Xbox Series X|S. Partnering with developer Lab42, Paradox Interactive is adapting this game of high politics and low comedy to console platforms, offering a new audience the prospect of writing a new history, shaped by their own decisions.

After the success of the console adaptation of the science fiction strategy game Stellaris, it only made sense to move forward with one of our most popular titles. Crusader Kings III is a strategy role-playing experience like no other, casting you as the leader of a noble dynasty in the historic Middle Ages.

Crusader Kings III

But your leader is not an immortal abstraction! They have their own personality and preferences, and, once the family head dies, they will be succeeded by a new dynastic leader who could be very different from their predecessor. A warrior king could die and see his realm divided among his three sons – a diplomat, a religious zealot, and a seducer. The character you play will face events and challenges specifically designed to match their personality and choices through the game.

Your goal? To create the greatest dynasty in history in a deeply researched world that stretches from Iceland to India, from Scandinavia to Central Africa. Different cultures and religions go toe-to-toe in a world where your bloodline and family history are your claim to prominence and respect.

Crusader Kings III

The Xbox Series X|S adaptation of Crusader Kings III will take advantage of the many strengths of the system, bringing special benefits. For example, the Xbox Series X|S internal SSD will allow for ultrafast loading times will enable you to easily switch between the game and a playthrough or tutorial you are checking out on YouTube.

The UI has been customized to work with the Xbox Wireless Controller, including the addition of radial menus, ensuring that none of the depth and detail of the Crusader Kings III experience has been lost in translation.

The release date for Crusader Kings III for Xbox Series X|S will be announced soon, but we can already commit to having this title available on Xbox Game Pass on day one. We hope that the Xbox community will grasp the opportunity to play one of the most popular strategy titles in the world. Like an upstart noble seizing the moment and claiming the throne, will you rule your own virtual realm from the comfort of your sofa?!