Riders Republic

Drop In on the Riders Republic Beta Now Through August 28

If you weren’t able to get an invite into the Riders Republic beta, we’ve got some exciting news! Starting today, everyone can shred some snow and dirt in the massive multiplayer outdoor sports playground of Riders Republic during the beta on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One through August 28.

In Riders Republic, you’ll be able to compete and nail your wildest tricks within a vibrant open world of outdoor sports such as biking, skiing, snowboarding, wing suiting, and rocket wing suiting. The Riders Republic beta allows you to ride solo or join up with friends through three careers such as Bike Races, Snow Tricks, and Air Sports, or multiplayer modes, including Mass Races (multisport races with more than 50 players on Xbox Series X|S), Versus Mode (up to five players can compete in any career event), and Tricks Battle (a 6v6 team matchup in which the team with the highest score generated from tricks wins). The Free For All mode will become available on August 27, giving you the chance to challenge up to 11 players through a playlist of events.

Riders Republic launches on October 28 for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

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Riders Republic™


This game leverages Smart Delivery allowing access to both the Xbox One title and the Xbox Series X|S title. Pre-order now to get the Bunny Pack! Includes custom bunny outfit and snowboard graphic. Jump into the Riders Republic™ massive multiplayer playground! Grab your bike, skis, snowboard, or wingsuit and explore an open world sports paradise where the rules are yours to make—or break. – Battle against over 50 players simultaneously in a massive multiplayer playground—over 20 players on Xbox One. – Compete in an all-out mass start race—collide, grind, and fight your way to the finish! – Customize your character to show off your style to your friends or show up the competition. – Bike, ski, snowboard, or wingsuit through a seamless open world in Career mode or multiplayer events. – Go wild in iconic US national parks like Yosemite and Zion.