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Explore Fallout Worlds in Fallout 76 Today

The wait is over! Fallout 76’s latest update is now live on Xbox and PC, bringing Fallout Worlds for all of Appalachia’s dwellers to enjoy.

This all-new system allows for unique experiences within Fallout 76’s post-nuclear wasteland through an expanding list of options that change the very game world itself, enabling players to forge new kinds of adventures, from a builder’s paradise to hardcore survival environments and more!

With the launch of Fallout Worlds, all players can dive into Public Worlds, offering its own unique spin on Appalachia for you to revel and experiment in. Fallout 1st members can also now access Custom Worlds, granting them control of Fallout Worlds’ capabilities to host their own custom Appalachia.

What kind of experiences are possible in Fallout Worlds? Here’s a sneak peek at the first five Public Worlds we’ve got lined up, as voted by the strapping fine participants in our Public Test Server:

  • Happy Builder: C.A.M.P. fans, rejoice! This World features reduced C.A.M.P. placement restrictions, relaxed building restrictions, sets all map locations as Discovered and disables PvP. Build away!
  • High Risk: Fast Travel is disabled, PvP is set to Always On, players drop additional loot on death, workbench crafting is free and legendary item attributes are disabled in this Public World. Nothing ventured, nothing gained…right?
  • Dweller Must Die: Sometimes, Appalachia is not for the faint of heart. This World features greatly increased enemy difficulty, increased damage, increased weapon durability and applies the “Dark Bog” weather effect.
  • Quantum World: Up, up and Rad-away! This World lets you jump at maximum height with no fall damage and features nuked creatures and flora with the “Quantum Storm” weather activated.
  • Butcher’s Delight: Things just end up a Bloody Mess in this Public World. It’s probably due to the infinite ammo, no AP costs on VATS or melee attacks, and enhanced dismemberment.

For the launch of Fallout Worlds, Happy Builder will be the first Public World made available for all players. Over time, Public Worlds will rotate to the ones listed above, with new Public Worlds joining the roster later. Of course, Fallout 1st members can start their own Custom Worlds right away, with these Public Worlds serving as potential inspiration!

For more information on Fallout Worlds, visit fallout.com/en/falloutworlds. You can also join the community over at the [official Bethesda Game Studios Discord for the latest announcements and more. Download Fallout 76 today via the Microsoft Store or through Xbox Game Pass on console and PC. Also, starting today Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can claim 1 free month of Fallout 1st. We can’t wait for you to start exploring the many Fallout Worlds that await you, now live in Fallout 76!

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Fallout Worlds brings unique adventures in Appalachia with rotating Public Worlds and grants players the tools to build their own player-created Custom Worlds. • Public Worlds: A rotating series of Fallout Worlds experiences hand-created by the team at Bethesda Game Studios. Available to all players, each Public World offers its own unique spin on Appalachia. • Custom Worlds: Custom Worlds take the personalization of Private Servers to a whole new level, granting Fallout 1st members access to Fallout Worlds’ customizable settings to create truly unique experiences. Active Fallout 1st members can also continue playing on your created World with their friends as a shared World, even if you’re offline! • Daily Ops Expansion II: Our latest expansion for Daily Ops introduces Double Mutation events every other weekend, a new enemy group, three new locations, and new rewards! • More to Explore: Vault 51 is now open for exploration to players in all game modes.