Xbox Insiders - June 2020

Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) on Console Begins Releasing to Insiders Starting Today!

Play with cloud gaming on your console – no installs required.

With Game Pass Ultimate, you can now play games on your console without installing. 

We’re beginning to flight cloud gaming today on your console for a random subset of Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha Insiders. We will be expanding to more Insiders and additional rings over time.

Cloud gaming on your console reduces your time to the fun and allows you to quickly jump into online multiplayer sessions with your friends by letting you play Xbox Game Pass games without having to wait for an install. Plus, save space on your hard drive! To get started, navigate to Xbox Game Pass on your console and look for games with the cloud icon.

If you’re looking for a full list of supported games, go to My Games & Apps>Full Library>Xbox Game Pass and set the filter to “Cloud gaming” to explore.

Next, click the “Play” button with the cloud icon and get to gaming. It’s as simple as that!

For more information about Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta), be sure to check out the information listed on the Xbox Cloud Gaming Support Hub.  

Known Issues

The current Known Issues are listed here and will be included/updated in the OS release notes as they are resolved:

  • Users may be unable to launch base games that are part of a bundle (Forza Horizon 4, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, etc.) with cloud gaming on console. 
  • In-game purchases are not supported when playing a game with cloud gaming on console. 
    • Workaround: You can complete the purchase via the Store directly on console or via You will need to quit the game and restart it for your purchases to appear.
  • Insiders may see the same game appear twice in the MRU after choosing to install.
  • Games previously installed on an external drive that is no longer connected to your console will fail to launch with cloud gaming.
  • Some cloud gaming experiences may show in English only.

Thanks to all who participate in the Xbox Insider Program. If you’re not an Xbox Insider but interested in participating, you can download the Xbox Insider Hub and enroll in the Omega Ring to get started.

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