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The hero “TYRE” in this game is voiced (English version) by Doug Cockle, the voice actor of Geralt of Rivia, giving the character a unique husky voice. In order to explore the mystery of his past, TYRE, the former special forces soldier with a special constitution, came to Yingzhou Isle which was located in the legendary Dragon Triangle area. After being attacked by mysterious creatures, the plane that TYRE took crashed and he lost contact with his companions. He found a lot of traces of human activity on the island that had been believed inaccessible. While exploring the terrible secrets behind anomalies despite unpredictable threats, he gradually unfolds the mysterious origins of an ancient Chinese legend. A breathtaking adventure begins here. Game features: · Splendid but the uncanny game scene When staying in the weird climate and treacherous terrain of Yingzhou Isle, one must be cautious to make every step, because danger may hide in the corner of beautiful scenery - cliff and perilous peak above the sea of clouds, ancient and spectacular ruins, enclosed and sinuous underground mazes ... · Full of thrilling battles You can use a variety of close-range and long-range firearms and do everything you can to survive the swarm of mercenaries, supernatural creatures, and ancient guardians. To be a precision archer, a bomb madman, or a lonely swordsman? Survive to see the truth. · Dangerous adventure You'll meet a group of unique and charismatic characters, crack the deadly traps along the way and piece together the disturbing truth of the story with rich details. Courage and wisdom can only solve difficult problems, however, the bond between people can heal hearts.

Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cipher is also included in the Viva Games Collection – available here:

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Viva Games Collection

E-Home Entertianment Development Co., Ltd

Two great games from Viva Games in one pack! Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cipher: Delve deep into the origins of a sinister Chinese legend and unearth the secrets of an island’s forgotten past in this pulse-pounding adventure. Your Toy: Do you rememver your childhood toy? Where are they? They were your friend, ever, but can you imagine how they will be your nightmare for now? A popular 3D first person puzzle adventure game is now on sale!

Product Info:
Developer: Viva Games
Twitter: @eHomeBJH / @VivaGames_JP


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