Creepy Tale

Point and Click Adventure Game Creepy Tale is Available Now


  • A game perfect for Halloween, Creepy Tale is available now.
  • Aid a little boy on a quest to find his brother and bring peace back into the land.
  • Let the atmosphere of this point and click adventure game drag you into its world.

You better find a cozy blanket because Creepy Tale, a spooky point n’ click adventure of PC fame has made its way to Xbox! Turn off your lights, light the candles and let it take you on a grim adventure.

The Halloween season is nigh and so, naturally, we look for the kinds of media that help us ease into this time of scary stories and carved pumpkins. And what better game to do it than one that dubs itself as Creepy Tale? Can’t think of a better contender. The game starts off with your brother being taken by otherworldly evil powers. Just like that, your life turns into horror and you’re left alone in a creepy, ominous forest, forced to fend for yourself. It is certainly an alluring premise that leaves you wanting more, and let me tell you, more you get. You run, you hide, you solve puzzles. You even play the reedpipe! All of this wrapped in a beautiful package of beautifully grim 2D art and eerie, foreboding music. The developers have really nailed the look and the sound of everything in this game and it’s a pleasure to play it and let it creep you out.

It is an understatement to call Creepy Tale atmospheric. It oozes style and a creepy, Brothers Grimm-esque mood. If you decide to pick it up I definitely recommend playing it alone and in completed darkness to get the full experience (wrapping yourself in a blanket allowed, if not encouraged). There’s something magical that happens when you let the game show you its full potential for terror. The immersion sucks you into this blemished, haunting world and doesn’t let you crawl out. Many times when I was playing it during the evening and had to make a run to the kitchen for some food I found myself glancing at windows with suspicion and getting scared of clothes hanging over chairs. This one is for sure a treasure for any lover of horror and macabre. If they are brave enough to face it.

Xbox Live

Creepy Tale

No Gravity Games

One day, on a walk with your brother, something terrible happens. Everything turns into horror and you are dragged into a frightful nightmare that you can’t escape from. Your brother has been taken by strange, inhuman beings, and you are left face-to-face with an ominous forest filled with terrors and dangerous and strange creatures. Solve the puzzles that pave your way, do not get caught, and save your brother! Find out the dark story that befell the once-calm and peaceful forest, turning it into a terrifying place filled with otherworldly evil. Perhaps it is you who will solve all the secrets of the forest and restore the peace… but this isn’t a fairy tale, it is a creepy one so don't get your hopes up.