Rogue Company - Season Four Update

Sinister Shadows Unfold in the Newest Rogue Company Update

Ominous shadows have fallen over Rogue Company in the new Season Four Update – read on to discover what awaits you and your teammates in the new season. Smash through the new Battle Pass, jump into a new Ranked Season, and explore the newest map in the Sinister Shadows update!

The Season Four Battle Pass features four sinister outfits, a mythic weapon wrap, and many other cosmetics, boosts, and Rogue Bucks! Dahlia’s Nemesis Outfit is unlocked instantly upon purchasing the Battle Pass, while Plague Witch Kestrel is the ultimate reward at tier level 50. Dallas’ Dark Huntsman outfit and Anvil’s Vulcan Forged outfit also make an appearance at tier 15 and 33. The Tesla mythic weapon wrap makes its debut in the Battle Pass as well with reactive electric effects that trigger upon firing. The Season Four Battle Pass includes new hoverboards, avatars, weapon wraps, emotes, and more so log in today to earn your rewards!

Explore the city Chaac calls home in Rogue Company’s newest map, Wanted. Located in the Yucatan Peninsula, Wanted is entrenched in a time of political unrest; locked in conflict between the city’s people and a political tyrant vying for power. Fight back against a corrupt despot and a familiar foe: the organization known as Jackal. For a limited time, play exclusively on the Wanted map by jumping into the Wanted Only queue. Wanted is also playable on Strikeout, King of the Hill, Demolition, and other limited time modes so hop on and try out the new map while playing your favorite modes!

Ready to get competitive? Season Four of the Ranked Season just kicked off, giving players a fresh start with new rewards that can be earned at the end of the season. Exciting content awaits you in the Sinister Shadows Update and Season Four of Rogue Company. Play for free today on Xbox One & Xbox X|S!

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