Xbox Game Pass - November Update

Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass: Evil Genius 2, Exo One, Undungeon, and More

Welcome friends! There are a bunch of games coming to the library soon, including new ID@Xbox games. These, plus the Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta, honestly make me feel like I need to take another look at my November gaming schedule and reprioritize. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s jump in!

Available Today

Dead Space (Cloud) EA Play
When an immense mining ship, the USG Ishimura, encounters a mysterious alien artifact in a remote star system, its communications with Earth are mysteriously cut off. Engineer Isaac Clarke is sent to repair the communications array but arrives to find a living nightmare infected by an ancient alien scourge. Clarke’s mission becomes one of survival as he fights to save himself, and to return the artifact. Play Dead Space with Cloud Gaming via EA Play.

Dragon Age: Origins (Cloud) EA Play
The survival of humanity rests in the hands of those chosen by fate. You are a Grey Warden, one of the last of an ancient order of guardians who have defended the lands throughout the centuries. Betrayed by a trusted general in a critical battle, you must hunt down the traitor and bring him to justice in Dragon Age: Origins, now available with Cloud Gaming via EA Play.

Coming Soon

Next Space Rebels (Cloud, Console, and PC) ID@Xbox – November 17
Available on day one with Xbox Game Pass: Order some parts online, get your camera, and grow your StarTube channel through rocket tinkering and often wacky challenges! With great fame comes great responsibility, and a sudden wrench in your path to greatness will take you on a journey towards space.

Next Space Rebels

Exo One (Cloud, Console, and PC) ID@Xbox – November 18
Available on day one with Xbox Game Pass: A strange signal… an alien craft… Exo One is an interplanetary, gravity-defying journey through space and time. Master a truly alien traversal system and move through enigmatic and desolate landscapes in ways you’ve never experienced. Use gravity and momentum to reach colossal speeds and exhilarating heights.

Fae Tactics (Cloud, Console, and PC) ID@Xbox – November 18
In Fae Tactics, follow a young magic user named Peony on her journey across a vibrant world full of mystery and danger. Summon allies, cast spells, and befriend a motley crew of characters as you dive into the growing conflicts between man and magical beings known as fae.

My Friend Pedro (Cloud, Console, and PC) ID@Xbox – November 18
Returning to the Xbox Game Pass library, My Friend Pedro is a violent ballet about friendship, imagination, and one man’s struggle to obliterate anyone in his path at the behest of a sentient banana. The strategic use of split aiming, slow motion, and window breach create one sensational action sequence after another in an explosive battle through the violent underworld.

Undungeon (Cloud, Console, and PC) ID@Xbox – November 18
Available on day one with Xbox Game Pass: Travel between dimensions and change the world around you to reconstruct the existing reality. Undungeon is a gorgeous pixel art action/RPG that blends science fiction storytelling with high-paced real time combat. Build your hero as you see fit by implanting organs in their body. Choices you make will affect the fate of the Multiverse which is on the verge of destruction.


Mortal Shell (Cloud, Console, and PC) ID@Xbox – November 23
Mortal Shell is a deep action RPG that tests your sanity and resilience in a shattered world. Your adversaries spare no mercy, with survival demanding superior awareness, precision, and instincts. Possess lost warriors, track down hidden sanctums of the devout, and face formidable foes.

Deeeer Simulator (Cloud, Console, and PC) ID@Xbox – November 24
Available day one with Xbox Game Pass: Put simply, Deeeer Simulator is a “Slow-Life Town Destruction Game.” You can spend your days enjoying a nice, relaxed frolic here and there  with the other animals around town, or you can choose to relieve some stress and absolutely destroy the town and everything in it.

Evil Genius 2 (Cloud, Console, and PC) ID@Xbox – November 30
A satirical spy-fi Lair builder where you are the criminal mastermind! Construct your evil Lair, train your minions, defend your operations from the Forces of Justice, and achieve global domination!

Evil Genius 2

What’s New in the Xbox App for PC

A lot of great new features are coming to the Xbox app for Windows PCs that are now available to test for Xbox Insiders, including enabling mods for many games and the ability to select your game install location. Join Community Lead for Xbox Game Pass Megan Spurr, and Partner Director of Experiences with Xbox Jason Beaumont, as they discuss some of the updates available to test in the Xbox app and what you can expect in the future. If you’re not already part of our Xbox Insider program, visit our Xbox Insider hub to learn more and join.

In Case You Missed It

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta – Available now
The next era of Halo begins! To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the franchise, Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer Beta is available now and free to play on Xbox and PC. Begin your personal Spartan Journey today with Season 1, “Heroes of Reach,” and stay tuned for upcoming, limited-time in-game events and exclusive rewards. Halo Infinite’s campaign launches on day one with Xbox Game Pass on December 8!

Dicey Dungeons (Cloud, Console, and PC) ID@Xbox – Available now
Become a giant walking dice and battle to the end of an ever-changing dungeon! In Dicey Dungeons, pick one of six different characters, each with its own distinctive playstyles and abilities. Fight monsters, find better loot, and level up your hero in this lighthearted deck-building roguelike from the creator of VVVVVV and Super Hexagon.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – The Definitive Edition (Cloud) – Available now
Experience the blockbuster classic, updated for a new generation – now with across-the-board enhancements including Grand Theft Auto V-style controls and targeting, brilliant new lighting and environmental upgrades, high-resolution textures, increased draw distances, and much more.

One Step from Eden (Cloud) ID@Xbox – Available now
One Step from Eden combines deck-building and real-time action with rogue-like elements, giving you the chance to carve a path of mercy or destruction. Fight alone or with a friend in co-op as you cast powerful spells on the fly, battle evolving enemies, and collect game-changing artifacts. Can you make it to Eden?

DLC / Game Updates

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Game of the Year Edition – November 18
The Microsoft Flight Simulator Standard Game of the Year Edition includes 25 highly detailed planes with unique flight models and 38 hand-crafted airports. This enhanced edition introduces simmers to five all-new aircraft, eight new handcrafted airports, six new Discovery Flights, new tutorials, and updates to the weather system. The Game of the Year Edition content is available as a free update for owners of Microsoft Flight Simulator and is included with Xbox Game Pass. The sky is calling!

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks

We have a huge batch of Perks for you this week…seriously. Read on for more details, and don’t forget to claim your Perks via the Perks gallery on your Xbox console, Xbox app for Windows PCs, or Xbox Game Pass mobile app.

YouTube Premium – 3 Month Trial – Available today
Watch your favorite YouTube creators without ads and download videos to view them on-the-go. Plus, stream the latest songs from your favorite artists with uninterrupted access to YouTube Music. New YouTube Premium subscribers only.

Crunchyroll Premium – Try Mega Fan free for 75 days – Available now
Enjoy over 1,000 series ad-free, new episodes one hour after Japan, and more! Discover all that our Mega Fan plan has to offer with a free 75-day trial. New Crunchyroll customers only. Learn more here!

Marvel’s Avengers – Disney+ Day Perks Pack – Available now
Grab this pack to celebrate Disney+ Day and save the world in style! Get a new outfit every hero with a Perks bundle that includes the Aerospace Outfit Set, the Black Panther Strategist outfit, plus an emote for Kate Bishop.

Eternal Return – Season 4 Character x Skin Bundle – Available now
More characters to master and some Skins to make them look even cooler. What’s not to love? With the Season 4 Character x Skin Bundle, you’ll unlock 6 Characters, 3 Skins, and some A-Coin and XP Boosts. That’s everything you need to leave your mark on Lumia Island!

Smite x Transformers – Autobots. Roll Out! – Available today
Autobots. Roll Out! Claim your Transformers Starter Pass including Battle Pass Points and more.

Xbox Touch Controls Added to 17 More Games

November Touch Controls

Ultimate members, we’ve added Xbox Touch Controls to 17 more games ready to play from the cloud today! Play over 100 touch-enabled games with cloud gaming on the Xbox app for Windows PCs, Xbox Game Pass mobile app on Android devices, or on your Windows PCs and Apple phones & tablets, no controller needed. Check out the list of new games with touch controls below:

Aragami 2Might Goose
– The Artful Escape– Moonglow Bay
– Dandy Ace– Phoenix Point
– Echo Generation– The Procession to Calvary
– Flynn: Son of Crimson– Skatebird
– Football Manager 2022: Xbox Edition– Superliminal
– Frostpunk– Totally Accurate Battle Simulator
– The Good Life– Yakuza 5 Remastered
– Lost Words: Beyond the Page 

Leaving Soon

The following games are leaving soon, which means it’s time to jump back in to show some love before they go! Remember you can use your membership discount to save up to 20% on your purchase to keep them in your library.

Leaving November 30

  • Call of the Sea (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • FIFA 19 (Console and PC) EA Play – Visit EA’s Service Updates page to learn more
  • Football Manager 2021 (PC)
  • Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition (Console and PC)
  • Haven (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Hello Neighbor (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Morkredd (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Va-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action (PC)

Leaving December 8

  • Destiny 2: Beyond Light, Shadowkeep, and Forsaken (Cloud and Console)

We’re wrapping up November with a wonderful slate of games coming to the library! Reminder if your friends play on PC, they can get their first 3 months of Game Pass for PC for $1 so you’ve got a player 2! Make sure you stay plugged into @XboxGamePassPC and @XboxGamePass on Twitter for updates when these games are available to play. See you in December!