Rogue Company: Umbra

Jackal Fights Back in Rogue Company’s Newest Update

This update features the first playable Jackal agent, a new battle royale-inspired game mode, and the Winter Bash – a jolly way to earn new cosmetics over the holidays.

Something sinister has been lurking in the shadows…the malevolent Jackal organization fights back against Rogue Company by sending out their top hitman, Umbra. Umbra is a zealous and committed Jackal agent that will do anything to fight for his self-proclaimed righteousness. Disguised as a cybernetic spider, Umbra’s remote-control drone can deal explosive damage to unsuspecting enemies – so be on the lookout! Umbra’s passive, Siphon, allows him to gain max health when you earn a down, elimination, or assist on an enemy. Enlist with Jackal by playing Umbra today!

Our Design team at First Watch is excited for players to finally play Umbra! “We’re expanding our roster with our first key character from the Jackal Organization, Umbra,” says Will Fitzgerald, Senior Game Designer behind the new Rogue. “He is our latest Duelist bringing a high risk, high reward playstyle. The terrifying sound effects of Umbra’s ability, which releases his remote control spider ‘a-RC-nid’, are among my favorite elements of his design. Keep an eye and an ear out for both Umbra and his lethal drone!”

Ready to be the last team standing? Battle Zone is here to be your next favorite game mode! Drop-in, loot your weapon from crates and be the last team standing as the deadly circle closes in. Earn money to spend on perks and gadgets and be on the lookout as better and stronger gear spawns each round! This battle-royale inspired game mode is fast-paced and requires you and your teammates to be quick-footed – first team to win four rounds wins the match! Hop in the game now to play Battle Zone for free!

Happy holidays from the First Watch team! We’re celebrating with our Winter Bash in this update! Complete contracts to earn exclusive cosmetics like the Slay Bells animated banner and the Santa Strut emote. The Winter Bash also offers three new festive bundles – buy two and get the third free!

Umbra, Battle Zone, and the Winter Bash are available now on Rogue Company’s newest update. Play free today on Xbox One and Xbox X|S!

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