British Lights and TD's Key Art

World of Tanks: New Tanks, New Challenges, New Year


  • A second wave of brand-new British vehicles arrives this January in World of Tanks!
  • Players can use these vehicles or others coming later in January to earn major rewards in the Mastery of the Hunt Challenges.
  • Even more action is available in other Challenges throughout the month, like the Paladin Challenge that awards players a coveted Premium tank.

It’s a new year, so with World of Tanks: Modern Armor, we don’t want to simply keep our momentum going. We want to build on what we brought to your console battlefield last year by going bigger and better, starting with all the new material coming your way this January!

Back in December, we launched our British Invasion season — and it’s still going strong. Like our previous seasons, British Invasion gives you the chance to earn major rewards (including new tanks!) by kicking butt in battles, completing Challenges, and climbing your way toward glory through 100 levels.

British Invasion Season Key Art

But British Invasion is unique. We chose a British theme because we wanted to celebrate the game debut of tanks that players had been anticipating for months: the British Cold War tanks. These include some of the best-known vehicles in history, like the Chieftain and the Challenger, which arrived in the first wave of new vehicles.

That was in December. Now, for January, we’re incredibly thrilled to announce that the British Cold War collection is growing again with the addition of seven new vehicles!

British Lights and TD's Key Art

History buffs, you’ll be thrilled to see that these new tanks include historical legends like the FV107 Scimitar and the Scorpion 90. Tankers, you’ll be happy to hear that these vehicles include three tank destroyers that’ll obliterate any tank in your sights and four light tanks that’ll leave your enemies with nowhere to hide.

That’s not all. To support these brand-new British battlefield wonders, we have the Mastery of the Hunt series of chained Challenges available to you throughout January. Play any light tanks and tank destroyers you like, including the new vehicles, to earn massive amounts of Silver and Premium Account Time. Conquer the Challenges for both types of vehicles, and you’ll earn even more rewards!

  • FV101
  • FV107
  • FV4004
  • FV4005
  • FV4101
  • Scorpion
  • VFM5

What’s more, we have an exciting new category of vehicles never before seen in World of Tanks Modern Armor arriving later in January; these also will be eligible for the Mastery of the Hunt Challenges. Keep your eyes peeled — wheel be sure to share information about these fast-moving firebrands on all our channels.

These aren’t the only pieces of news coming your way this month. January is packed with a ton of additional Challenges, including the four-week Paladin Challenge, which gives you a chance to earn one of the most renowned heavy tanks in the game: the resolute Paladin Caernarvon Action X. You’ll also find Daily Play Challenges, new contracts to earn Mercenary tanks, and so much more.


We hope that 2022 is your year to make a big noise. We’re happy to get you started with a ton of new tanking action in World of Tanks: Modern Armor that you won’t want to miss. Roll out!

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