Smite Season 9

Kick off 2022 with Smite Season 9

Cast the dhatura petals and beat the nakara drums! Smite Season 9 is live on Xbox today featuring Shiva’s influence on the Battleground.

Revealed in the Smite Season 9 keynote, Shiva will be the first Season 9 God – available in February 2022. For now, behold Shiva’s temple beside Mount Olympus on the new Conquest map. Go forth and amass the offerings to the Obelisks, the brand new jungle objective that grants Indra’s Scepter buff to the first team to activate it. Collect offerings from marked jungle camps, the den of the nagas, or steal them from the Obelisk of your enemy.

Smite Season 9

Alongside these new mechanics comes changes to our Relic system with two divergent Tier 3 upgrades for each Relic, allowing for greater strategy and diversity when assembling your build.  Season 9 also introduces powerful Glyph items, a powerful 4th tier of items that adds a new passive ability in addition to the item’s base effects. Critical hits have also been given a rework, making criticals deal less damage per hit, and also be less dependent on random chance. Finally, a multitude of Relics, Items, and Starters have undergone tweaks to create more dynamic and balanced options for choosing your match loadout.

Smite Season 9

It’s been a long time since Smite featured a new game mode, but at last the newest permanent map, Slash, is joining the lineup. Mixing mechanics of both Siege and Clash, this Maya and Egyptian-inspired map hosts four recruitable Juggernaut camps and features a large central zone inhabited by a boss. Subjugate the Juggernauts to your will and choose which lane to focus their attacks. Slay the mighty Jungle Boss Apophis and receive his powerful buff. Tear down the enemy’s towers, turn their phoenixes to ash, and destroy their Titan to win the game. 

Smite Season 9

This update also includes the Hellfire Syndicate Battle Pass, an all-new Season Pass that unlocks limited Ascended Skins for each Season 9 God, the Dharmic Era Event and more! Xbox players can get a head start on the new season with the Season 9 Starter Pass, FREE for all Game Pass Ultimate Subscribers. The pass pays homage to our newest cinematic, including the Gods Bellona, Merlin, Tiamat and their Voice Packs, a Daily Deal Token, 3 Battle Pass XP Boosters, the Battle Maiden Bellona Skin, the Arcane Advisor Merlin Skin, and the Azure Sea Tiamat Skin.

We’re stepping up our game with a Season focused on refining the player experience for everyone, from casual players looking for a quick game to ranked competitors shooting for Masters. With a new Conquest map, all new game mode, a year-long Season Pass, a sinfully sizzling Battle Pass, and exclusive perks for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, now is the perfect time to start the new year on the Battleground of the Gods!

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