Paladins Season Pass 2022, Season 4 Champion Bundle, And Deluxe Edition 2022 Are Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

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Paladins Deluxe Edition

Hi-Rez Studios

The Paladins Deluxe Edition 2022 includes the latest Season Pass, all content from the Starter and Gold Editions, and 12 extra Champions - a roster of 39 playable characters in all! Plus, you’ll instantly unlock cosmetics you can only get in the Season Pass: The Limited Jurassic Ying Skin, the Dino Dash Mount, and 5 Limited skins - 1 for each character released in 2022! As a special bonus, you’ll also receive 2,100 Crystals -- a $22 value! Unlock the newest Event Pass, a favorite Skin, or a new Chest -- the choice is yours! 12 Damage Champions: Betty La Bomba, Bomb King, Dredge, Drogoz, Imani, Kasumi, Kinessa, Lian, Sha Lin, Tyra, Vivian, and Willo 8 Support Champions: Corvus, Grohk, Grover, Io, Lillith, Mal'Damba, Pip, and Ying 11 Flank Champions: Androxus, Buck, Caspian, Evie, Koga, Moji, Skye, Talus, VII, Vora, and Zhin 8 Frontline Champions: Atlas, Barik, Fernando, Inara, Makoa, Raum, Terminus, and Torvald This Edition offers you the best value! Please note that this Edition contains all content included in the Starter and Gold Editions as well as the Season Pass 2022 DLC.
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Paladins Season 4 Champion Bundle

Hi-Rez Studios

Instantly unlock all six Champions released in Season 4 for one low price! This bundle contains Champion unlocks for Yagorath, Octavia, Vatu, Rei, Saati, and Azaan. Plus, you'll get an Emote, MVP, and unlocked Talents for all six Champions!
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Paladins Season Pass 2022

Hi-Rez Studios

Get Exclusive content for every 2022 Champion with the Paladins Season Pass 2022! The 2022 Season Pass unlocks the following Champions: VII Betty La Bomba Lillith Caspian Kasumi You'll also unlock a Voice Pack, Skin, Emote, and MVP Pose for all five Champions! You’ll also instantly unlock the following cosmetics: Jurassic Ying Skin The Dino Dash Mount Deadly Pallor VII Crimson Guard VII Sun Born Lillith Wicked Hex Lillith Free Spirit Caspian Change of Heart Caspian Evil Spirit Kasumi Spirited Kasumi Plus, you’ll get 1500 Crystals instantly - a $25 value!

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Product Info:
Developer: Evil Mojo Games
Publisher: Hi-Rez Studios
Website: Paladins

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