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Upgrading is Now in Session with Xbox All Access

Our goal with Xbox All Access is to bring players a complete next-gen upgrade — an Xbox Series X or Series S console, a library of over 100 high-quality games with day one releases, EA Play, online multiplayer, and more — all from $24.99 a month for 24 months and no upfront cost. We also made sure you weren’t paying extra because why would a complete next-gen upgrade cost more than buying everything separately? With a new Xbox console, 24 months of Game Pass Ultimate, and no upfront cost, we consider Xbox All Access to be gaming’s ultimate “triple threat.” It’s also catchy.

That said, there’s still some confusion among players, many of whom are eager to upgrade to Xbox Series X or Series S, about what exactly Xbox All Access is. A new Xbox Game Pass membership tier? A console reservation system? Perhaps, something else we haven’t seen posted on social media yet?

So, to answer any questions and explain what exactly makes Xbox All Access the best way to get into gaming with Xbox, we’ve put together an educational series titled, “Figuring it Out.” And like any world-class learning experience, it needs a world-class instructor. We’re pleased to introduce you to Xbox All Access expert and instructor of the program, Andre Braugher (“Brooklyn Nine-Nine, “Homicide: Life of the Street,” “Men of a Certain Age”) – stoic, wise, sensible, and with a voice that’ll lull your senses into a deeply agreeable and transient state.

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Andre’s core curriculum centers around three main video lessons—money, time, and everything else—but as a bonus, touches upon other areas of life as well. Andre’s method of interactive instruction will be done with the aid of his trusty canine sidekick, Sterling the Corgi, and a series of gaming references from the iconic library of Xbox games and characters. By the end of the three lessons, we hope you leave fully understanding our simple logic behind Xbox All Access: Why be a single threat or a double threat when you can be a triple threat? (Once we’ve figured out the quadruple threat, we’ll do that, too.). 

Upgrading to the next gen is now in session. Figure out your path to wiser, smarter gaming with Xbox All Access. Click here to learn more and to check out all three of Andre’s instructional lessons.