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3D Platformer Kao the Kangaroo Jumps onto Xbox This Summer!

With over 21 years of history to build on, the latest entry into the Kao, The Kangaroo series is the most ambitious, and mysterious, yet!


Our plucky marsupial is back in a whole new adventure! This love-letter to 3D platformers will see Kao seek the truth behind his father’s disappearance and uncover the secrets behind the recently discovered magical boxing gloves.


The mysteries only deepen as unknown purple crystals begin to appear around the world, changing the lands and creatures around them. Portals open, giving a glimpse at a realm hidden behind reality, an ancient world, a powerful world… the Eternal world.


What secrets does this world hold? Why is it bleeding through into Kao’s reality? Does it hold the truth behind Kao’s father’s disappearance? All of the questions need answers and it’s time to find them!
Set in a vibrant world filled with colourful characters, Kao The Kangaroo is the complete 3D platforming adventure that ties together old-school elements with new school ways. An accessible experience that offers fun for all, whether you’re a 100% collect-a-thon master, a lighting-fast speedrunner or a few hours a week warrior, there’s something for everyone!


Lace-up your gloves, stretch those limbs… it’s time to jump into your next 3D platforming adventure!

Xbox Live

Kao the Kangaroo

Tate Multimedia S.A.

Kao the Kangaroo is a beautiful 3D platformer jam-packed with fun, exploration, adventure, and mystery! Join Kao, the feisty furball, as he embarks on an unforgettable quest to uncover the secrets surrounding the disappearance of his father. He’ll traverse rich environments, filled with hazards, puzzles, and foes. Each turn uncovers another clue as well as revealing a secret world bubbling under the surface.