Start Your Homestead at the Far End of the Galaxy in Lightyear Frontier

Welcome to the frontier! Begin your new life on a strange and beautiful planet as you build up your homestead, farm alien crops, and use your mech to explore what this new landscape has to offer. Enjoy our relaxing farming adventure with up to three friends when it lands on Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, and with Game Pass in spring 2023!

Combining the utility of a mech with the peaceful experience of starting a farm, the world of Lightyear Frontier is full of mystery and wonder. Add new plants to your harvest as you travel through the planet’s environments, uncovering ancient secrets and making new friends along the way. Establish your presence in harmony with nature, using tech research to create a sustainable and successful farm.

Building Your New Home

Construct your home as you see fit, starting with a basic set of blueprints for your farm plots and other utility-focused buildings. After gathering new materials on your adventures, you can research more structures to add onto your home, using new technologies to expand your farm and upgrade your mech. On top of that, you can spruce things up by decorating your homestead with things like different color schemes and fencing! Not bad for a home on a brand-new range.

Alongside the core parts of your farm, your building research will also progress into more involved functions, like material processing and ranching. When all these pieces come together, it makes for a well-run plot of land, making sure that you’re making the most of your day while not having to worry about basic tasks.

Farming the Alien Fields

Utilizing your surroundings is key to starting a good homestead! Gather alien seeds as you explore the wilds of this new planet. Start out by creating your basic farming plot, use the Seed Shooter to sow the seeds, and water the plot to get your first harvest going. With enough research, you’ll gain access to bigger plots, fertilizer, and other tech to help grow a sustainable and high-quality field.

Occasionally, the planet’s weather will work in your favor through heavy rainfall, though harsh weather can also negatively affect and even damage your crops. Each plant has different growth conditions and needs, so be sure to keep an eye on their health! Once they’ve matured, these alien plants can be sold or used as materials for components. These components can be crafted into mech modules, buildings, and more.

Setting Out for the Horizon

Beyond your landing site, you’ll find a vibrant world. Though you only start with basic bipedal movement and jump boosters, your mech can cover a lot of ground, traveling through environments that have their own distinct weather, flora, and fauna. While your legs alone might not be able to navigate every environment, after doing research, you’ll have access to more transportation modules. Pick up some treads or give your boosters extra power and head back out into the deeper wilds!

There’s more to this planet than just nature, though; nestled into the terrain, you’ll come across ancient structures that hold untold secrets. Your research will find new ways to learn more about the origin of these structures, as well as how to unlock the barriers that seal them shut. What lies beneath the surface?

Going Forward, Together

We’re incredibly excited to show more as time goes on, but we want to know what you, the player, want to see in it as well. There’s so much potential in the world of Lightyear Frontier, so we want to hear your thoughts and feedback to help shape it. We’ll be sharing development updates on our website and socials as we progress, so follow along there, or hop into our Discord to make suggestions and say hi to the team! We’ll see you on the frontier.